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C3P3 – Visions

C3P3 – Visions published on 17 Comments on C3P3 – Visions

This page took forever and a day to do, but I am SO happy with it. Worth every hour!

Although I’m sure Kali is less pleased with it. Bone Matron is a dark goddess, along with DreamEater. As a rule, all of the gods and goddesses enjoy being cryptic in their own ways. DreamEater speaks in riddles, Rainbow Goddess sends messages tangled in dreams, Vision often expects people to make vast leaps of logic to keep up with him, and the Bone Matron does…welll…this. These images are the extent of what Kali gets, and it’s not exactly a clear set of instructions, is it?


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Beautiful page! At the least the visions are in full-color? :3 For some reason I’m envisioning Tama in one of those old style coca-cola commercials (like the old Indiana Jones one). I know he’s not holding a can of soda, but haha my brain is wired funny.

Disclaimer: when binging archives I steer clear the cast page or any other so as not to possibly spoil anything that was updated long ago but chronologically after where I’m reading. Also, I’m on my phone so I want to leave messages on many of the pages but sadly cannot.

That said, I am interested to find out how Kali interprets this vision she’s having. Assuming she doesn’t know these people already then she may decide that Zhiro is a threat to Mizha based on his combative stance and expression and that he’s looking to the same side that Mizha occupies while a nefarious DreamEater gazes balefully over his shoulder as well as surrounds Mizha in dark tendrils further implying threat. You mention that Kali is very stubborn so if she interprets this vision in such a way and shares even a morsel of the bias towards Zhiro’s people that the rest of hers do then it will take a great deal of effort to prevent her from doing something regrettable. And who is guarding the party while they’re aboard the train? Why Warren of course, who would probably love a reason to suspect Zhiro of something malevolent.

Speaking of the train, this vision takes place on a smokey, black background and could be said to be part of the exhaust of the train in the bottom right corner so now she has at least a vague destination. That train also appears to be occupying a landscape of similar color and barrenness to the one she is in so hopefully she doesn’t have to travel far although I am not sure how useful a camel will be in boarding a moving train, they are not known for their speed unlike horses which would be more suited for a train heist.

Tama’s part in the vision is obvious, he is fearfully looking at the back of a can of soda realizing that it is in fact not calorie-free. In seriousness though, I cannot guess his purpose here. I can’t tell what he’s holding so I’m not sure if his expression is directed at the object or he is recoiling from something off-screen.

(Upon reading the comments I see that it is a jar of honey and now I do see the transparent glass bottom and red lid but I still can’t guess the meaning. Perhaps honey has some ritualistic occult meaning or effect, like salt in the creation of a circle of just about any kind. Perhaps it is to be splashed upon ethereal foes (such as these dark gods when inhabiting their followers) like holy water upon vampires, though honey doesn’t splash very well so maybe threateningly spooned? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.)

Looking over my comment for errors before posting made me think of that dream Mizha had earlier in the story where a possessed Zhiro accosted her in a rather creepy fashion so this -must- tie in with that… I’ll bet that DreamEater doesn’t like honey on his toast (silly Tama, honey is for Bone Matron), he is a butter-side-down kind of fellow which starts some confrontation that Kali must resolve with her poor marksmanship skills. I see great things ahead indeed. =)

Lastly, I have not read a webcomic that caused me to scratch my head nearly as much as this one, it’s absolutely fantastic.

Don’t fret about the length of the comment! Long comments are common and welcome here. Write away!

It is a delight to see your theories and thoughts on Kali’s vision. Especially given how things play out, which I shall not spoil, since I don’t know where you are on your archive dive.

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