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C3P25 – Enough!

C3P25 – Enough! published on 29 Comments on C3P25 – Enough!

In which Tama takes that nerve that he unintentionally struck and then starts jabbing it repeatedly with a whiny, tantrum fork. Because Tama is a three-time Champion Annoyance. As voted by every nanny that ever had the unfortunate position of taking care of him growing up.

Honey is actually an ancient tradition that goes way beyond Visionary teachings. However, it’s so engrained in the culture that when Visionaries began to spread, they adopted it into their own funeral rites. Speaking of Visionaries, if you look on this page you can see that Dr. Milan is wearing a necklace with a round symbol on it. It’s the same symbol you see on the shoulders of the guard’s uniforms, and is a sign of the Visionary church. So there may be a reason Dr. Milan’s calm is broken by Tama’s rather blasphemous ranting.

Have you ever pushed somebody’s buttons without realizing it? I remember once in high school I was talking to a girl about the frustration of having a name that was also associated with something else. Robin = Robin bird, Batman and Robin, Red Robin, Rockin’ Robin, etc. *shudders* I’ve always been terrible with names, and always been very insecure about it. At some point she commented about how having the name “Robin” was nothing compared to how bad it was to have her particular last name. Naturally, I had no idea what her last name was. In desperation I looked around for a clue and saw her name on a paper she’d just been handed back. “Yeah,” I said, drawing out the word to stall as I desperately translated her handwriting into a name while reading it upside-down. “I sure would hate to be named…uh…Camp…Bell.”

And then I died of shame.

I only pray she has completely forgotten it entirely. Which she probably has. I hope.


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My last name, Ironmonger, is pretty great. However it’s not so great when I have people go “IRONMONGER? ARE YOU GONNA FIGHT IRONMAN?!” I’ve also been called “Ironmonkey” before, for some reason in middle school

I always thought that “Ironmonger” was such a cool last name that it had to be something you made up as a pseudo-name. I am pleased beyond measure to learn that it is, in fact, real and epicly awesome. Somewhere waaaaay back in time your family must have been iron sellers then, as “monger” is just another word for “a person who sells.” HISTORY, it is AMAZING!

Oh, I love your religions. They actually pay attention to how a religion is built instead of being all, “This descended from the gods and is pure and perfect.”

Also, fuck yeah, Tama. 😀

(One of my friend’s brothers called me Spam Ham when I was little because my initials backward are HAM.)

Religions are messy, odd, cobbled-together things. There’s a whole page in the Volume One book (currently in assembly!!) dedicated to breaking down the original and adopted practices of funeral shrines. It’s fun to think about what once was true, and what is true now by virtue of how people remember things.

Robin, you are a woman after my own heart. I ALWAYS do way too much worldbuilding, and everything I write at some point or another turns into a worldbuilding exercise.

On that note, thank you very much for making this brilliant and very entertaining comic. I look forward to every update. 🙂

Thank YOU for such a lovely comment!! I’m so happy to have a reader like you!

It’s really exciting to hear that other people enjoy the world-building elements. I’m so used to getting into the details of something and seeing people’s eyes glaze over. I had assumed that nobody else found world-building interesting. It’s really great to meet people through LeyLines that love that process as much as I do!!

On a related note — when you do world-building, what’s your favorite part?

Oh, geez. I don’t know if I can pick out a favorite part. I suppose it’s making a bunch of little decisions and seeing how they impact a culture. All of it’s fun, really.

It’s the culture and the people that interest me the most, so all of that, I suppose.

It’s a huge process, so I can see how it would be tricky to pick a favorite part. I admit, I’d be hard-pressed to say any piece is better than another! Each part of world-building requires a different type of thinking to do…although I do like the cause-and-effect element of it all. I find it fascinating to think about how an event, or a resource, or an idea could shape the future in an unanticipated way.

I do find that I start with the “what” aspect first – geography, weather, and resources. What do you start with?

I began my writing as a Role-Player, so I typically start with a role in a society, then try and branch out around that. It’s cool to take an unusual role and try and shape a society that would require that sort of role in everyday life.

The ‘what’ of all of it often runs parallel to this, though. It keeps me from getting bored. 🙂

That’s awesome! I never thought to start with a role, but that is a brilliant way to begin. Come to think of it, I didn’t figure out Pakku’s character until I gave him a role — it would have saved me a lot of character re-designs if I’d used your process! I’m also a Role-Player, but even then I have to learn everything about the setting before I can make a character. I think that’s why I’m attracted to systems that have a lot of back-story information, like Legend of the Five Rings.

What’s your favorite Role-Playing setting?

Right now, it’s likely Buggy’s Dystopia. She’s got an RP thread running on Nanowrimo, and I am a frequent visitor.

I fit pretty easily into any sort of setting as long as I know what role my character is playing and why. I tend to have very different settings going on in multiple RPs all at the same time, and that’s another thing that really helps me to worldbuild.

I didn’t know Buggy had an RP thread for Dystopia – awesome! What about the story or setting makes it your favorite?

It’s one of my “someday to-dos” to make an RPG for the LeyLines world. There’s so much material in my notes for the world that it would be easy to create a source book for it. It’s the time to do so that makes it a far-future goal.

Right now, it’s the fact that she and Tweed have done a lot more worldbuilding than most RPs that I’ve been in before, and because of that, she’s attracted some of the more intelligent authors on Nano who love the challenge of creating someone for a completely different world.

Another thing about her RP that’s good for RPing is that there are a lot of clearly defined roles, but they don’t have to intersect. The people in the PRC never have to see the regular people, the regular people don’t have to be involved in the Resistance, etc. All of the roles could be a well-written story on their own, but the fact that all of them CAN intersect, combined with the fact that the driving plot is only very general, allow the players enough freedom to make it go places.

And I would definitely help you beta that, if you wanted. I’ve been beta-ing for a lot of people for a long time, and gotten fairly good at it (so I hear).

That’s amazing! It’s really impressive to see a world with that much definition maintain so much flexibility. I may have to pick her brain to uncover her secrets…one of the problems I’ve run into creating Original Character Tournaments is that the more world-building there is, the less freedom people seem to have. If there’s a way to have BOTH…well…the possibilities are endless!

As for the LeyLines RPG, it will be a looooong time coming, if it ever is made, but I will keep you in mind for beta-ing!! Thank you!

One of my good friends at school has the last name of “Raprager”.

Other than that, I’m just named “Elizabeth” like half the women in the world. 😛

Is Elizabeth really that popular? I’ve never been in a school or workplace where there was another Robin until last year, and he’s not even in the same office! I have a lot of trouble not reacting everytime somebody’s talking about “Robin” and it makes me super paranoid — especially when they’re venting about the OTHER Robin! At least, I HOPE it’s the other Robin!

My last name constantly gets pronounced “Stanley” and it irks me.

My hubby has it worse though. His name is Byron, and no one in the U.S. is named that, so he gets called “Brian” all the time.

That is bizarre — I’ve met quite a few Byrons, and it boggles my mind that someone would mix it up with Brian. Is the “r” the second letter? No? THEN SAY THE ACTUAL NAME!

…Although I’m guilty of adding or re-arranging letters in names when I read them. When reading Lord of the Rings, Gandalf became Grandalf, and Bilbo became Biblo. And I always wondered why the other kids looked at me funny when I tried to talk with them about that book…

My first name is Robert, but I go by Bob – It is a nice name, and I’ve had no trouble with it.

I had a boss whose name is Jan. It annoyed her no end that after introducing herself most people would still call her Jane.

My last name is Folker, so I came in for a lot of ‘Meet the Focker’ type harrassment in school…

Urg. Kids can be cruel, especially with names. The saddest part to me, looking back, is just the lack of creativity in child-hood name-calling. I mean, Dempsey to “Dumpsey”, Folker to “Focker” — Really? That’s the best you could come up with?

I wish adult me could go back in time to kid me and point out what a bunch of hacks those name-callers were. Ah, hindsight.

First time commenting on here. I would just like to say I love your comic. It’s very inspiring, beautifully drawn and well written. I especially like Tama, who actually reminds me a bit of my own brother. My brother himself is very good at pushing other people’s buttons. Me, not so much, but I’m sure I’ve struck a nerve accidentally before.

I hope Tama doesn’t get into too much trouble with this guy. I can already sense danger o.o

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