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C3P24 – The Itsuri Way

C3P24 – The Itsuri Way published on 15 Comments on C3P24 – The Itsuri Way

In which Tama unintentionally strikes a nerve. On a nerdy note, Tamakepe DO have pupils, but due to a bio-luminescence in their eyes you can’t typically see them unless they’re in extreme shadow. I toyed a bit with giving them reflective, mirror eyes, a trait unique to the Spookfish on our planet, as it would allow them to have no pupils, but still have cones, which would make it possible for Pakku to have red/green colorblindness. BUUUUUT that would also require genetic divergence that was a little too extreme. SO you get the far less sciency bio-luminescence excuse. Still, you should look up Spookfish. They’re pretty awesome.


I get so excited when somebody lets me know they love LeyLines! There are not enough ways I can say “Thank you!” So I wanted to do something special to share the love in a community event! An annual contest, complete with prizes for the winners on Valentine’s Day as a special “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart. <3

This Year’s Theme: Friendship
Categories: (1) Fanart, (2) Fanfiction
Voting: Winners will be chosen by COMMUNITY VOTE!
Prizes: Winner in each category will receive ONE of the following (their choice):
1) 12 pc Godiva Dessert Truffles Gift Box
2) TeaForte Tea Ribbon Box
3) Gevalia Gormet Coffee Basket

Send your Submissions to: robinrone_at symbol_gmail.com OR you can add them to the LeyLines-Fan DeviantArt Group!
Due-date: Submissions due by Wednesday, February 1st!

Details: To participate, create fan-art or fan-fiction (poetry or prose) using LeyLines characters and this year’s theme (Friendship). You can submit as many pieces as you like! Alternative Universe interpretations are also great, if you’d prefer to put the characters in a different setting! Submissions can be sent in by email, or submitted directly to the LeyLines-Fan DeviantArt Group, if you’re a member. On February 3rd I’ll post links to all the submissions, and YOU, the fans, get to vote on who the winners should be. Voting will close February 7th, and winners will be announced on February 8th! That way I can make sure gifts are shipped in time to arrive by Valentine’s Day! Comment if you have questions!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Lovely layout of the panels in this page! And man, your dedication to research never fails to amaze me, Robin 🙂 I’m starting to think that if you had gone for an undergraduate degree in anthropology, you could go for a master’s degree and submit this comic as your thesis, showing that you fully understand the mechanics of creating a believable culture – much like how linguists generally try to create their own language for a master’s thesis.

I’m SUPER EXCITED for this fanart contest! I’m going to start doodling ideas today :3 Eeeee!

I actually only started thinking about the eyes because a fan asked about them. Then I dived into the research mode and realized my stylistic choice had put me in quite the scientific pickle! I’m pretty sure bio-luminescence doesn’t work the way I have it in LeyLines, but it’s the best reasoning I could come up with, given the story. Alas! I should have done my homework first!

And I am SUPER EXCITED that your are SUPER EXCITED for the contest!!! Yay!!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with it is going to be AWESOME!!! *giddy*

Poor Tama, ahhh! I love the “nerdy” bit about their eyes…that’s really fascinating! I love how much thought & research you put into it rather than just saying “I want glowy eyes!!!” and leaving it at that.

And ohmygoodness a contest! You can be sure I’m entering!

Sometimes I’m willing to throw my hands up and say “it’s magic,” but even then, there are rules and restrictions to how magic works in LL too. I just like things to make practical sense!

And ohmygoodness I can’t wait to see what you do for the contest! I’m so glad you’re excited!! My only regret is that I can’t be in the running. Chocolate truffles and specialty teas sound pretty good right now…

You have no idea how much I love listening to someone else say they have thought about the scientific/evolutionary details of their world. 😀

Ah, I love Tama. I kind of want to beat him up, but I love him. (Also, the layout of this page is awesome.)

I almost left out my nerdy details, because I thought people would find them boring. Shows ya what I know!

Ever since Frost, I’ve enjoyed making characters that readers simultaneously love and want to smack upside the head. It makes things so much more interesting. 🙂

And this is why I love Tama.

I hold that the greatest sin is to lie to yourself, and here, we see Tama sharing my philosophy, even if only slightly. I’m sorry, but these next few pages that I’ve done red show his strength. Not in body, maybe, but in spirit.

Tama definitely shares in that philosophy and actively rebels against the emotional repression of his culture and bloodline responsibility. You don’t need to apologize — I’m just glad somebody can see Tama’s strengths! He has a lot of flaws, but tolerating self-delusion is not really one of them.

I’ve just started reading the comic as of a couple hours ago and I just felt I should say that this is the best page yet.
I’m sure it’s been months for you, but for me seeing the improvement in the art over one evening is quite impressive.

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