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C3P23 – Thought she’d be here

C3P23 – Thought she’d be here published on 9 Comments on C3P23 – Thought she’d be here

It’s strange to think that for us, it’s been months and months, but for Tama only a few days have passed since he learned his mother was dead. This is the first time he’s even seen the coffin.

It’s funny how easily we can take things for granted. Khan, after nearly two years of looking, found a job a few months ago. He really loves his team and enjoys the work, but some nights the hours are long. As a result, I have a lot more time to myself, and it’s made me realize how much I relied on him. I neglect to eat sometimes, knowing that if I sugar crash he’d be there to sit me down in front of food. If I got mopey about something, I’d have an ear ready to listen. Now that the safety net is gone, I have to remember to take better care of myself, and sort through bouts of Artist’s Doubt on my own. On the upside, it makes me value the time we do spend together even more.

Have you ever realized that you’d taken something for granted?


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Definitely. Usually it’s time, but people have entered the equation too. When I went off to college I appreciated the people at home much more. Now that I’m back with my parents that has fizzled a little bit but you know.

Aw, Tama. 🙁 (I know I said this before, but your coloring has gotten really impressive.)

…Um, I’m actually watching a marathon of physics shows (yes, actually, this *is* what I do for fun), so right now I’m thinking how lucky I am to exist at all. *clears throat* You know. Massive probability against it. Possibility of gamma ray bursts and nearby supernovas. Roaming black holes. Things like that.

This is where the coloring quality kicks into high gear. I’m really proud of the pages that follow this one.

Oh man, I’ve done the same thing! There are so many ways that life on earth as we know it could drastically end in an instant. It’s truly mind boggling.

AUGH, NO! What kind of a person would bring Tama to his own mother’s funeral car to KIDNAP HIM?! If you’re gonna kidnap him, why not somewhere else on the train? Seriously, is nothing sacred to this guy?? RGH I wanna bop him on the head for being such a jerkpants! >:(

Hmm, taking things for granted…well, most of the time, I take my privileges as an American citizen for granted. I don’t even stop to think about how I don’t live in a country broken by war; how I have access to vast amounts of knowledge both at my university and on the internet; how I don’t get openly persecuted for my faith; how I don’t live with fear or hunger; how I have a family who loves me and supports me in everything I aspire to do.

There is SO much I take for granted! It hits me every time I see a commercial that tells me I “deserve” their product in a million different ways. I’d like to know who decided that. What exactly have we done to deserve what they’re selling? What have any of us done to deserve even a fraction of the privilege being a United States citizen grants us?

Heehee, sorry this is so long. I tend to rant… ^_^’

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