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C3P22 – Depths people sink to

C3P22 – Depths people sink to published on 12 Comments on C3P22 – Depths people sink to

Hey, Tama, stop whining for a second and listen. You hear that tiny, high-pitched noise in the back of your mind? Yeah, that would be what’s left of your common sense. Telling you to RUN.

In case you missed it last week, I made a holiday gift wallpaper for ya!


I hope the holidays were as kind to you as they were to me! I had one of the best Christmas celebrations in my recent memory. Lots of food, fun company, and simple gifts made of warm and fuzzy. Goodness, I love socks and sweaters! I know, weird, right? It’s just that I’m ALWAYS cold. I had the chance to go to Hawaii for a week and half the time I needed a coat. I’m pretty sure I am entropy made solid, the manifestation of the coming Heat Death that will end the universe billions of years from now. I consume heat and it vanishes into the frozen mass that is my limbs, lost forever. I am always freezing, always searching for warmth, my hands to the touch feel colder than the temperature of the room. As a child in the cold winter months I would pretend to be an ice monster, chasing others around the playground touching their necks, reveling in their shrill screams. It is my (not-so) super-power, and I gladly used it for evil.

Do you have a not-so super power, and do you play for the villains or the heroes team?


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“Oh yes. That makes sense”
That killed me. Love it.

Also, i am your antithesis.
I am heat encorpsulated…which i’m pretty sure isn’t a word, but you get the idea.
I can break a sweat by THINKING. (I’ve done it. It’s sad…)

o_o Grk…erh…ahh. Yes, Pakku. Yes, that makes sense. Your paranoia is somewhat frustrating when a rather obvious revelation like that occurs, but you’re still adorable.

Tamaaa! Now would be a good time to whip out those awesome, mixed-martial-arts, street-style butt-whooping you probably (hopefully!) learned while traveling.

I think my Mum has a similar super-power to yours. She’s always cold. As for me and my super-power…I have the power of justification. I can justify pretty much anything that results in laziness, spending money, and procrastination. I’d call it a neutral power, because it doles out little breaks when I need them and long breaks when I need to be working. It’s very difficult to wield properly >_<

Hahaha! Oh, such confidence you have in Tama. Such confidence…not that he doesn’t appreciate it, mind you. And he’s most upset that I’m undermining his street cred but…well…Tama’s more of a lover than a fighter, you see. Or maybe “a lazy bum” is more accurate…

I think I need to borrow your powers sometime. I’m no good at taking breaks for anything!

Super-Power: dominating/filtering series/archives.
I can take a serial or non-serial collection of works and keep with it until the end. I also pick out the best/most useful items from among the group.
Side: laziness with good leanings

I hope to see Warren grab his guard buddies and mount a surprise counter-attack… or flounder, either way. 😛

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