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C3P20 – Make it convincing

C3P20 – Make it convincing published on 10 Comments on C3P20 – Make it convincing

Dear Shayne of Comic Dish: Hearing that LeyLines is your favorite comic of the year absolutely melted my heart. There is no greater gift that you could give for the Holiday Season. Thank you!

Speaking of thanks, I’d like to make a Holiday Wallpaper for my amazing LeyLians, as a way to say “THANK YOU!!” for your support, comments, and just plain being awesome folks this year. I have a poll on my DeviantArt page where you can pick your favorite character for the Wallpaper!

In case you missed it last week, I was interviewed on TGT! I had an AMAZING time and we talked about all sorts of upcoming plans & news for me and LeyLines (including some juicy spoilers at the end)! Thank you once again to the host, Kurt, as well as to Liz of Adrastus for being my amazing co-host!

I wish I had thought ahead and ONLY given Warren a helmet, but I foolishly did not consider how confusing the duplicate uniforms would be. I should have given everyone except our grumpy Captain a hat. Well, at least he’s got that big honkin’ scar on his face so you can tell him apart from, say, our duplicitous lieutenant here.

The Holidays are quickly approaching. My time off will be spent putting together all the files for Volume One of LeyLines, including the mounds of extras I have planned for you guys! There will be a special 20-page bonus story, the answers to all your questions from last week, and LOTS of world-building details, complete with sketches and commentary! It’s gonna be a busy “vacation”!

What about the rest of you? Any big holiday plans?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

I always feel bad about not commenting on anything… so here it is finally!

I’m getting a definite Firefly kind of feel from this part… it’s probably the whole pirates on a train and the back room plotting all going on, but it’s very cool. X3

Aside from that, Happy Holidays! So far I have been, and will continue for the rest of the week, decorating like mad. Every year I try to startle people with increasingly challenging and bizarre Christmas themes which I then have to make look traditional, gorgeous, and most importantly not-tacky. This year is Kingdom Hearts, and I’m making almost everything by hand. Lucky I remembered you update on Wednesdays… this was a nice break. Now I gotta get back to it. X3 Taa!

Whom are these two getting ready to convince?
Also, on the card on the ground, do I spy a magnetic strip? I’m thinking that this culture has modern technology, but values their culture/beliefs more than scientific advancement for advancement’s sake. I really appreciate how rich you make your worlds, and I have fun figuring them out.

As per tradition in this season, have a merry and regenerative winter solstice festival.

Nope! That’s just the square buckle normally attached to the red sash on the guard uniform. The technology level is roughly equivalent to late 1800s/early 1900s. Some aspects are equivalent to USA Civil War technologies, others as far as WWII developments. Electricity is widely available in urban areas, they have telegrams and steam engines. Have not yet developed the combustion engine, nor many fire-arms innovations (yet). At least, not in Itsuri. Who knows what they have in the wilds of Backwards Pwama?

If I cosplayed, I would totally cosplay as these guards, because seriously, I love these outfits. I don’t care that no one would get it. I would feel like a boss. (Totally listening to your podcast right now, btw.)

Over Christmas break, I will be making the edits on my novel. I thought I would actually be showing it to other people, but I did not realize I would have no free time this semester. I didn’t. D:

If I saw you cosplaying as one of the guards I think I would cry. And you would BE a total boss. And I would call you Captain, in recognition of your higher rank over everyone else at the convention. And probably give you a free book. Stained with aforementioned happy tears.

Mmm…curling up with a cup of cocoa in a nest of blankets with a novel to edit sounds like a lovely way to spend the Christmas break!

It’s not the fun part with a printed manuscript before me, ruthlessly crossing out sentences and cackling (I did that in all my classes this semester). It’s the “go through the giant document and fix all the typos/make all the changes” part. Although I do have a number of fun scenes to write to fix plot holes.

Well, i’m really glad I could do that for you! Like i said on the show, out of all the comic we’ve reviewed, and all the ones I really liked, I keep coming back to this one eagerly awaiting updates.
I’m really happy to have found(or been pointed in the direction of) this comic. (I can’t remember which it was 🙂 )

Happy Holidays!

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