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C3P2 – Vatzu

C3P2 – Vatzu published on 14 Comments on C3P2 – Vatzu

Oh, Kali, teaching us new words today, I see…Speaking of which, the Language Guide has been updated. I think of all the words to make in a language, swear words are some of the most fun. They have to be easy to say quickly, but meaty enough that you can pack a lot of frustration into them.

For those of you familiar with my Urban Fae Character, Frost, I have to say I think he and Kali would get along really well. Or try to kill each other within five minutes after meeting each other. They both have a stubborn streak a mile wide, and one thing they absolutely hate is people pushing them around. Even if said people are goddesses of unknown powers. Or, in Frost’s case, Dark Lords, Elves, and Demons.

Where does this come from? Hard to say. I developed an early dislike of bullies which solidified in the seventh grade, (THERE is a year that no amount of money would convince me to re-live) but ultimately I think there’s more to it than that. I very much like to believe that the future is what I make of it — that I will fail or succeed by my own efforts. I take on a lot of projects, because from the outset of all of them there is no question in my mind that I will succeed if I try hard enough. Realizing that this is not always the case has always been tough to swallow. People get sick and die, my abilities are not always good enough, and often what I’m reaching for turns out to be beyond my grasp.

Just like Kali, that never really stops me from trying to defy those limitations anyway.

How much of your life do you believe is within your power to change?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

LOVE the energy in this page, especially that last panel. The invented curses are fantastic, too…I’ve always loved when authors do that.

I’ve always felt that with hard work and effort, you can shape much of your own future, but that powers beyond your control will always act as a sort of counterweight to whatever you’re set out to accomplish! Looking at it this way, I find the tough things easier to accept and move on from, and my drive to reach my goals intensified since I know that it can/will pay out somehow in the end.

Defying limitations! You shouldn’t stop ;D

Learning that last part has been big for me recently: “it can/will pay out somehow in the end.” Not necessarily in the way that is WANTED, but that every experience has value. Even the failures. Maybe ESPECIALLY the failures. Just because they aren’t pleasant doesn’t prevent them from having value. The only person that defines that value is me, and my attitude towards mistakes. I guess from that perspective, there’s nothing to fear from life. The worst that can happen is also the best that can happen: I’ll do something that will help me learn something new.

(You should probably check out the language page, because the second I opened it, every sample started talking to me. Creepy.) =/ I’m actually trying to design a language right now. I don’t think I like it, but it’s a necessity.

I’m actually really into psychology, so whenever I can’t do something or did something wrong, I stop and think about how I’m thinking about it. (For example, I had a shitty morning. After that, I kept noticing things that were threatening to turn it into a shitty day. Then I accused myself of suffering from confirmation bias and made myself notice everything that made the day *not* shitty. It works.)

Also, I find it very comforting to remember that life is totally random and that nothing is legitimately out to get me. It’s just how life works. I just try to roll with the punches and keep a good outlook.

Gosh darn it! I thought I had fixed that glitch. Back to the drawing board…Are you on Chrome, or a different browser?

Sounds like you have a much more go-with-the-flow personality. Cory, my boyfriend, is very “roll with the punches” — a complete opposite to my “anticipate all possible punches and then avoid or counter them preemptively” personality. There are some definite advantages to being more adaptable and positive, although I don’t think I’ll ever completely accept the idea that life is random!

What’s the language you’re inventing for? A new project? Hmm??

It’s for my NaNo. I’m just sticking to words right now (mostly based on Chinese), but it’s still pretty daunting. (On the bright side, all the hard core world-building I’m doing for this makes my other project, which is urban fantasy, seem like a treat. Even if it does mean I have to look up which words were really in the lexicon before 1600. And avoid making reference to Shakespeare.)

Poor Kali. That looked like it hurt. A lot.

Hum, how much of my life is within my power to change… Well, I mainly focus on my reactions toward others. I can’t control how people feel about me or what they say, but I can control how I respond. If I react calmly and positively to an outburst of frustration or anger, I can slow down and try to see where that person is coming from so that I can better handle the situation.

Not that I regularly have angry people coming my way…so I guess all this is theory that I hope will actually happen in the moment XD But basically, I can control how I respond to situations, and that may be the extent of my control over my life, and I’m okay with that.

Well, a part of it is definitely learning from experience. I’ve had to deal with the consequences of speaking harshly without any forethought, and they’ve never been pleasant.

Although sometimes my temper still gets the better of me…in those cases, I’ve developed an ability to speak in an overly-formal manner, so that it comes across as a subtle form of sarcasm. Just enough to bite, but not enough that I can be accused of actually offending someone. While not exactly appropriate, it still usually works better than shouting in frustration ^_^

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