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C3P19 – Ahead of Schedule

C3P19 – Ahead of Schedule published on 6 Comments on C3P19 – Ahead of Schedule

Leylians, meet Dr. Milan! Fun little facts for you detail hounds:
– In this page Pakku runs right by Milan.
– Milan is wearing a Journeyman Doctor’s coat, noted by Pakku on a different man in this page except that Milan is wearing the proper uniform underneath. Despite Pakku’s color blindness for red/green, the vibrant blue of the robber stood out as obviously mismatched. The red sections of the coat on the sides actual fold back and are tied behind. They can be undone and fasted in the front to form a shield against any stains from messier work. Like surgeries.

Or murders.

Also, THANK YOU for all your questions, whether here, on DA, on Twitter, or via email!! I got so many good ones that I decided to divide them into general categories. Anything that doesn’t get covered will be included as an extra in Volume One!! I was really going mad with anxiety over what to do for the spoiler section, but thanks to your suggestions I feel ready to tackle the TGT Interview this Friday, December 16th, at 7PM Eastern! It’s gonna be awesome, and I hope you guys enjoy listening to it!


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Let me start by saying this comic is honestly just amazing! I love how the world can be very comparable to our own, with deep set prejudice, and the calm serenity that a man can keep after telling a bold faced lie, acting like a victim.

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