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C3P18 – Robbers on the Train

C3P18 – Robbers on the Train published on 11 Comments on C3P18 – Robbers on the Train


This Friday I’ll be interviewed on The TGT Podcast. Part of Kurt’s show is that the creator must reveal a spoiler, and I want your help in picking one!

Is there something about the story, world, or characters that you just dying to know? Now is your chance! Post a comment with your questions, as many as you like! I will add them all to a hat and pick one of them to answer at random on air!

Thanks so much for your help! I can’t wait to read your questions!!


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Ahh, the plot thickens! I smell some extra exciting pages coming up very soon!

Jeez, it’s hard to know where to start with the questions, since I love hearing about other people’s worlds in as much detail as possible. Let me think…

Ahha! Is the world of LeyLines something you invented specifically for the purpose of this story, or is it something that’s been evolving over time through other, possibly failed, projects and is just now coming to fruition?

I know! Finally! Gah! Sitting on the rest of chapter three has been driving me CRAZY!! This plot has taken WAY too long to thicken. MUST INCREASE PAGE OUTPUT!!

Your question will probably get answered in the course of conversation, but I shall add it to the hat, nonetheless!

I don’t really care for spoilers of any kind, but I’m aware of the TGT rule and will listen to the podcast anyway. And here’s a question for you:

Is Lu Pai working for someone higher up?

I’ll confess that I’m not a huge spoiler fan either, but when podcasting in Rome…or Canada…do as the hosts do, right?

That said, seeing people’s questions is really helpful for brainstorming! Hopefully I can talk about the future without talking too much…I’m such a detail hound that I tend to over-do things…well, it will be an adventure!! Thanks for the question!

I really like the coloring on this page for some reason.

Also. Crafty villain is crafty.

I dislike spoilers of any kind, so I will patiently wait for someone else’s question to be picked.

This page is where I started figuring out I liked playing with shadows and light. A lot. Which resulted in a major change that you’ll see in about 3 more pages…just in time for things to get dark. >:D

Since a lot of questions fall into certain broad categories, I think I may pick based on subject and try to answer all the smaller questions at once. Maybe the ones that don’t get answered will end up in the book? I’m going to run out of space for extras really quickly!! o_O So much world building, so little space!

Hummm…spoilers… I agree with one of the above comments, I would REALLY love to know what Mizha’s dream means! Even if it’s just a tidbit :3 Also, possibly some insight on the significance of the Bone Matron’s meddlings with the plot? OOH! Who’s Vepina?? 😀 I’m having fun with this!

Yay! I’m glad you’re having fun — AND have good questions! I’m amazed at how many people want to know who Vepina is…I need to draw a picture for the book, I can see that right now! Definitely needs to be an extra in there! Mizha’s dream is a four-part spoiler all on its own, so I’ll have to figure out how to break it down…should be exciting!!

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