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C3P16 – Skepticism

C3P16 – Skepticism published on 10 Comments on C3P16 – Skepticism

Oh Warren, you are ever the trusting soul. With the most amusing faces.

I debated a really long time if I should include this week’s pages. They’re slow pages, which interrupts the building tension that I’ve been cultivating. They’re the last calm before the storm starts to hurl its first few drops of rain. However, it also introduces the Steward of Kizhimo who, while not being particularly important now, will still matter to the story later. So think of this as the final maneuvers of the pawns before the crazy lady with the sledgehammer wrecks the board.

That said, I CANNOT WAIT to get farther into this chapter. This is the problem with buffers!! Having to wait two months to share the madness I’m working on now is driving me absolutely crazy!!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

*sigh* maybe I can continue my attempts to comment.

Let me start by saying that while not my favorite character, the Master Auditor is certainly up there. His deduction abilities I feel are heavily inspired by Holmes, but I could very well be wrong.

He is indeed heavily inspired by Holmes, both the original stories and the most recent films. I like to think of Pakku as an individual with the observational skills of Holmes, but not the deductive reasoning skills to make the correct conclusions about the information he receives.

Out of curiosity, if Pakku isn’t your favorite character, who is?

Most definitely Tama. He’s that clever trickster that actually has to speak reason into his sister. It’s…something. He’s like a guardian angel that loves to play a few tricks.

Pakku seems to have a very sharp divide between controlled study and panic where he has all the grace of nitrous-glycerin. I take it he never has to (or wants to) deal much with such dangerous situations. Is that why he got into auditing in the first place? Did he always have such an aversion or was there some trauma involved? or are those “answered down the road” questions?

I noticed the panel layout from Caitlin’s previous comments about such. I like how Pakku’s exclamations are all out-of-bounds, and how Warren’s last exclamation, like his mouth, just barely break his formal appearance by betraying his distress.

I hope Steward Kizhimo’s presence doesn’t cause Warren to make a brash decision about Pakku’s alarm.

Pakku very rarely has to deal with dangerous situations. Most of the work Auditors perform is the inspection of stock and records. Auditing teams are composed of Scribes to go through all the paperwork and Appraisers to verify all the stock in a Merchant’s possession is legitimate and meets Guild Standards. A Master Auditor is an individual that has been certified to perform both tasks, and has the authority to inspect the operations of all levels of the Guild, including Guild Masters. So typically the larges threats he has to deal with are paper cuts. The lack of danger is not why he got into the occupation, however. The va Wulka family are import merchants by trade. Unless you count the possible pirate or bandit raid on a ship or caravan, it’s not a high-risk occupation. Well, not to life and limb, at least.

Pakku’s good at maintaining calm when things are familiar and structured, where his role is clear and his authority is not in question. Here, none of those things are true, and Pakku gets easily overwhelmed by anxiety as a result. As you can see, he doesn’t do very well when there’s nothing to ground him.

…Pakku, the beret is not helping your case. You have to do The Glasses Come Off for this kind of thing. (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheGlassesComeOff)

I don’t think the effect is too bad in terms of pacing. (Though it could be because I’m not reading it all at a sitting.)

OhmygoodnessI’msoexcited!! 8D Poor Pakku, Warren isn’t taking your paranoia seriously. Maybe he can pull an Inspector Clouseau and, while trying to hide or escape, somehow manages to knock all the pirates unconscious!

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