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C3P13 – Conclusions

C3P13 – Conclusions published on 23 Comments on C3P13 – Conclusions

In webcomic news the Washington Post has an open call for the Best Webcomics of 2011! If you enjoy LeyLines, I would greatly appreciate your nomination! Just leave a comment with a link to LeyLinesComic.com!! Thank you for your support!

I like to think of Pakku as my Sherlock Holmes, if Sherlock lacked the ability to make rational conclusions about his minute observations. Pakku’s fantastic with tracing the origin of things, but he’s rather terrible at putting those details together properly. Although, in this case, he IS half right. I’ll leave you to decide which half. 🙂

Besides, jumping to conclusions can often be good for a laugh! The first time I went to see Wicked (yes, I’ve seen it multiple times…) I decided I wanted to make my own dress for the occasion. I had some orange embroidered Chinese silk and some white satin, so I made a dress with the orange down the center that flared at the bottom into full skirts. Swoosh factor, you see. Very important. I even made Khan a matching tie out of the orange. However, parking was nearly impossible to find that night, so we had quite a walk between us and the show. Still, it was a lovely summer evening, and we had plenty of time.

As we walked down 16th Street Mall (an open-air “mall” for those of you unfamiliar with Denver) we saw quite the intimidating group approaching us. It was a family, every single one of them covered in black leather, spikes, and piercings. I remember (although, it may have been my imagination) their derisive scowls and sneers as they gazed at each person they passed. As Khan and I walked down the street towards them, me all in white and orange, I steeled myself for the force of their scorn. At last, we were side-by-side, and the mother of the group stopped walking, turning towards me. Internally I braced myself for impact. Here it comes…a horrible insult to ruin my otherwise lovely evening…

“Wow!” she said with a bright smile. “I LOVE your dress!”

I nearly tripped over my skirts in shock!

Have you ever jumped to the wrong conclusion about something or someone?

EDIT: I had a request for a picture of the dress. Here it is!

Orange and White Dress


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I really hope Pakku is wrong..then he’ll seem just paranoid, which is how I feel the scene is going. 😀

I used to jump to conclusions but I’ve learned to no longer do that. At least I TRY very HARD not to do that.

It’s tough sometimes though, although I can’t think of any decent examples.

I’m sure he’ll present his findings in a sane, rational, charismatic way…See, if he just had Tama along, he could have the Princeling do the talking for him. It’s the perfect combination! Pakku notices odd things and Tama convinces everyone that they’re actually real. Seriously, I have the best buddy-cop film EVER in the making here. Or super-villain team. Not sure which.

Nooo! Not pirates! Quick, throw little bottles of rum at them and run!

Alas! Pakku has no rum on hand! OH NOES!!! He is surely doomed!!

Haha, of course he has no rum 😛 Silly Pakku! One must always be prepared for pirate attack!

He’d probably be a gin and tonic man, if he drinks at all…

I never thought about what Pakku would drink…I’m not sure if he ever has! Pakku always felt a man of few vices, mostly out of a lack of time than carefully abstaining from indulgence. Huh. Perhaps somebody needs to get this man smashed…the results would no doubt be interesting!

Haha it would be great if he were just being paranoid, chances are they’d be after someone else

Ah, but if not our dear Auditor, than who?

I would put my money on Tama and Vizha being the targets. I’m offering two to one on va Nazw offspring being the targets. That’s a lot of pirates for one lowly auditor. (No offense Pakku)

I’m really enjoying how your are using the page space in this comic. With the vision webs in a previous page and how Pakku is gripping the panels in this one, it is unique and interesting. It highlights the levels of activity you are building on here. There are things in the box, out side the box and in between the box and they all influence each other even though the people in those POV might not see it.

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