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C3P12 – Not your face

C3P12 – Not your face published on 10 Comments on C3P12 – Not your face

Nice recovery, Pakku. Super convincing. I’m sure that won’t be taken as an insult in any way…

Currently working on creating a chat RP for the TBOS community called “Auntie Goo and the Sparkleshire Wood” which you can read more about here. Having tons of fun with it! Nice to do something goofy and wild! Lots of ridiculous names (my favorite is Gertrude Bramblebottom) and bizarre circumstances.

Been a long time since I was the GM of an RP. Last one was 7th Sea, full of swash-buckling adventure! Favorite moment was when the party discovered a cash of powder kegs underneath an academy full of innocent students. Just as they arrived, tiny little floating fire-balls started filtering down from above, and the party had to desperately put out the fires before the whole place blew sky-high WHILE fighting off sewer folk. Good times, good times.

Any Role-Players out there? What’s your favorite RP moment?


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I think Pakku’s just stunned to see someone with a better jacket than his.

All my RPs seem to come to disaster… I’ve been in a few DnD campaigns, but we never got past the first few fights. (I was really excited for the last one I was in, too. I was going to be an outcast Drow, and my best friend was going to be a chaste cleric I corrupted. With horrible flirting. It would have been hilarious.)

That is totally the face of jacket envy. In his mind he is plotting to steal it and take it to his secret stash of awesome jackets. Pakku: Covert jacket fashionista.

That’s unfortunate that your RPs end so poorly!! It sounds like you had a really fun character interaction planned!! Do people just lose interest and they fade out, or is it a GM issue?

The one in question was via Skype, which never ends well, apparently. (But it was fun for the two or three sessions we managed, mostly because my boy was the GM and did silly voices for all the NPCs.) And the other one I tried to get involved in had, like, twenty people, and we never got past the inn where everyone met because there were just too many characters.

20 people?? Yikes! And I thought 8 was too big for a group!! Generally Khan and I like to keep our RP groups at 6-4 people in size. I can’t even imagine 20 people… o.0

We tried a Skype RP, but it just didn’t work for me (I ended up falling asleep on the couch…) there’s something about the camaraderie around a table that is a lot harder to create over video.

I have several great RP moments so i’ll just pick one. It’s a tad long to explain but I’ll try to shorten it up.
Imagine a nation that holds games similar to our olympics except that when a nation arrives, a good chunk of the nation arrives. They are separated into individual camps and each camp is relatively huge.
The camps in question for this story were our camp, which housed next to no one because our king did not approve of the games, the Terran Empire(similiar to the nazi regime) and an undead sect who’s name eludes me.

My character and an NPC who was ere to the throne but avoiding it like the plague had gotten relatively drunk that night and he suggested we have some fun.

He had disappeared for a while and when he came back, he had arrows with markings of the undead country with him. the exhange when a little like this.
“Hey Gaf, want to have some fun?”
“Let’s take these arrows and shoot them into the terran empire’s territory…”
“That’s a great idea! But, I can’t fire a bow…”
*He looks at me, a little perplexed*
“…It’s ok Gaf, you don’t really have to hit anything…”
“Well, ok let’s get to it”
So we each get a bow and launch as many arrows as we can as fast as we can, then we find a nearby place to hide and watch the show.
Within seconds of the arrows landing we here a verbal alarm. They say that they’re under attack from the undeads and to mobilize. We see a few people run towards the undeads but then a dragon sort of grows up from within the terran empire…like it was smaller before and then affected by a growth spell.
They started devastating the undeads whom retaliated with spells of death and decay.
After several minutes of this, the hosting countries guards came in and calmed things down while myself and the NPC were laughing our asses off. The rest of the party showed up and asked what happened but we denied all knowledge.

great times.

So my character and an NPC

My favorite moment was when our group had found the hidden castle of the enemy. After hard fighting, the defenders (undead and gargoyles) were defeated. We began searching the towers for the ancient sword that would prove our friend was the lost prince.
PCs: We go up the stairs.
DM: After 20′ u come to a landing with a door. The door has a seal on it. A bowl of water with a crumbling scroll sits in front of the door.
PCs: We detect magic and alignment.
DM: Warding Magic and mild Good.
PCs: (After debate we nervously decide..) We break the seal.
Nothing happened. As we proceeded the party encountered five more doors exactly the same. With each door we became more confident and moved faster.
Finally we encountered another door, same as the others.
PCs: We break the seal and go through.
DM: So your treating this door the same way?
PCs: Of course. We break the seventh seal and.. Oh crap.. The Seventh seal.
We almost died but the DM helped us through or we’d never get to play the rest of his story.

OOooh man the Loaded DM Questions are always the worst/best! They lull you into a false sense of security, and then, when you’re not thinking, they’ll toss out that casual question…and before you think about it, you’ve answered, “Of course I do it that way why wouldn’t I – Oh. Oh no. You’re plotting something OH GOD WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!”

The consolation is that most of them won’t COMPLETELY murder you, because they’ve spent so much time preparing the rest of the story. 🙂

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