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C3P1 – K-PLAK published on 19 Comments on C3P1 – K-PLAK

FINALLY I get to introduce you all to Kali!! I have been waiting SO LONG to get her into the story and at last the time has come! Cast Page has been updated to round out our four main cast!

Speaking of changes, you may notice that things are different around here. Site remodel – warm color revamp! I wanted to make it easier for people to leave comments, not to mention make the site colors less Melancholy Gloom and Doom. There’s also new content on the About Page – with additional info added about the World, and a new Creator section for folks curious about who I am, what my process is, and the other projects I’ve worked on. The site’s still being tweaked, so if you find any bugs in the next few days let me know so I can get them fixed.

So, what do you think? Is change good?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Awesooome :3 I’m very excited. This just keeps getting better and better. Your backgrounds and use of “white space” as un-white-space look great!

Whoo, site redesign! Lookin’ awesome.

As for this page…I love love love how the web expands out beyond the panels. Very clever!

It looks great robin! good work!

Everything sure looks nice. And different! I stared at the first couple of panels and wondered which comic I was reading. (I guess the scene change was mostly to blame for that.)

Though, there two lines of “Notify me of followup/follow-up comments via e-mail” below the comment field, and the circle was only checked for the latter one. I’m used to seeing two lines, but the other usually says something else. Possibly something about an RSS option.

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