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C2P09 – Draw the Line

C2P09 – Draw the Line published on 13 Comments on C2P09 – Draw the Line

Whenever Tama’s being a jerk to reasonable people, or refusing to be inked properly, I like to imagine the last time he was foolish enough to let Mizha play with his hair. And whether or not he got bullied into wearing embarrassing clothing to match.

What do you think? We know ribbons were involved, but what else might haunt poor Tama in the corners of his mind, and is it responsible for his terrible taste in trash-heap clothes?


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I am really enjoying the dynamic between these two. XD

I love working with the dynamic between Mizha and Tama. They’re an experiment in opposites, and when one is up the other is typically down. I really enjoy that the issues they struggle with are so similar, but they’ve dealt with their family in completely different ways. For example, Mizha deals with anger all internally, while Tama prefers to externalize his frustration. He pisses off more people, but breaks less mirrors. 🙂

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