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C2P38 – I won’t

C2P38 – I won’t published on 10 Comments on C2P38 – I won’t

That concludes chapter two, and the stage is officially set! Chapter Three, the fun begins! I’ve been looking forward to our characters getting on this train for a looooong time, and can’t wait for things to speed up. I hope you look forward to it, too!


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Yeah, that’s less of a scar and more of a chunk of missing nose that’s…gone missing.

Yyyyeeeeaaaah I may have drawn it a bit too deep. It doesn’t help that his nose was also broken and healed very crooked. As a result, the whole thing is shifted.

I think this comes down to my fundamental dislike of pretty scars. A large facial scar does not make a person “Roguishly handsome” — it just makes people wonder when the wood-chipper will be back for the rest of him.

So I might be over-compensating on the fugly scale juuuuust a bit. 🙂

Definitely enjoying this bit of insight into who Warren is. I’m starting to really feel for the guy…

once I designed a D&D character who’d had half his face smashed in by a blunt axe when he was a child. THAT was a fun character to draw.. and to play, considering that it shaped so much of his character. Funny, though, that whenever I create a character design like that, the DM has to go out of their way to find a plot device to “fix” it… >.>

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