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The bottom panel here is just so well staged. I love the look on Warren’s face as he’s between the likes of Rener and Tama bantering back and forth.

Actually, Warren’s face in the bottom panel really reminds me of Brand’s face when he had to deal with David…ah, Shades of Grey…so long ago…*nostalgia*

Shades of Grey had a lot of fun moments, but I could see s fairly sharp curve of improvement throughout (getting better that quickly usually means experimentation/first time). I didn’t always think through the story (noob reader that I was…am) and found the feathers for thought to be extremely insightful. Are you planning a similar section-splitting device here?

P.S. The links in your archive’s top navigation box and in the “New Reader?” section are mostly referring to the current story for cast, first page, etc.

P.P.S. Out of fear of loss, I did make a back-up of the story. Is that O.K. with you? (as a personal copy, or to use to refer a friend to your site)

There was a LOT of experimentation in SoG. For LeyLines there won’t be a divider between chapters, although there are comments for most pages in the archives. The books will also have a lot of special world-related goodies, for people that love that extra bit of context.

Since this is primarily a LeyLines page, the New Reader section is focused on LeyLines cast/story info. I mostly have SoG up because I know people still want to read it, but I can’t afford to keep two separate sites going at the same time. So it’s available, but not highly featured. And I don’t mind that you made a back-up of the story! I’m just glad you enjoyed the story, and really appreciate any friendly referrals!

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