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C2P34 – Blush

C2P34 – Blush published on 15 Comments on C2P34 – Blush

What is Vekken reading? Dunno, but whatever note he was passed in this page doesn’t seem to be making him happy. Unlike Mizha.

D’aaww, is that a crush I see? Apparently Mizha’s been busy SOCIALIZING while Tama and Mizha have been gone these past few years.

I’m terrible about crushes. As in, terrible at giving my friends a hard time when they have them. In college I had a friend who was adorably mooning over a boy…and every time she’d mention something he’d said or done, I would exclaim, “OOOoooo someone’s in LUUUUURRRRVVVVE!”

I will freely admit that I’m a bit of a terrible person, but perhaps that is because I was envious of my friend’s ability to love from a distance so sensibly. MY first crush (which I held onto from the 3rd to 6th grade) was on a boy that I thought was cute and smart and funny and NATURALLY I couldn’t talk to him, so I did the sensible thing that all 3rd grade girls do: I bullied the poor kid. Okay, maybe that’s not what all 3rd grade girls do at all, but it was the best I could manage. I wasn’t exactly the Barbie-dress-up-play-house type. More a run-around-pretending-to-be-a-T-rex type. When I wasn’t on the top of the jungle gym howling like an orangutan, that is.

What was your first crush, and how did you show your affection?


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Oh DANG, I actually predicted the first bit based on the last update, but…ZHIRO’S FACE. I want to hug him.

I usually never talked to my crushes, except for the first BIG one in 9th grade (I was a “late bloomer” romantically), who I actually turned into my best friend and fell in love with for a few years, but never dated because our sexual orientations at the time were incompatible.

… Suddenly feeling the urge to kill Touchy-Grabby-Man… Zhiro’s expression has something to do with that, I’m sure.

*offers hugs to Zhiro* Your fans still love you!

At first I got really confused by your comment…and then I realized I screwed up on character designs a bit. I KNEW I should have put Vekken in blue! This is the man that Touchy-Grabby-Man (Pakku) was watching in this page. Hmm. Must plan costume change for Vekken in future. The face shape and hair color are too similar otherwise.

Regardless, I’m sure Zhiro will appreciate the love!

Aww, Zhiro! *hugs* I’m so glad Tama’s being sympathetic. He could totally be all “Someone’s in LUUURRRRVE” but he’s not :3

My first crush never would have known that I liked him if it were not for a “friend” of mine in forth grade who, after squeezing the information out of me, proceeded to shout loud enough for half the school to hear: “What? You mean you like ZACH?!?!” I wanted to either die of embarrassment at that moment. Everybody laughed at me, and Zach didn’t talk to me for a week. But it was forth grade! You move on from these things 🙂

a hahaha i tend to handle crushes like you do, although it depends on the person. some i’ll tease a lot. others i’ll turn into an idiot around. highly amusing either way 🙂
My first crush was a boy in my class in elementary school. I was in a combined 3rd/4th grade class, i was in 3rd he was in 4th. my best friend and i used to play cops and robbers (it was basically just team tag) at recess with him and his best friend. needless to say, we girls usually insisted on being the robbers 😀

Aw! poor Zhiro! But this whole page is adorable! squee!

Oh, I was totally the run-around-like-a-trex-type! Till 1st grade, when I discovered Harry Potter and ran around as a witch instead. I still have the plush dragons I used as familiars then later just as their own characters… Me and my sister had really epic roleplay with the dragon dolls that lasted years.

I was definitely a read-a-book-in-a-tree type of kid.
I had a crush on this guy who asked me out in 5th grade. Unfortunately, he moved away over summer. Years later we met up again, and now we’ve been dating for a while!

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