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C2P27 – Observations

C2P27 – Observations published on 16 Comments on C2P27 – Observations

Pakku is red/green colorblind. Specifically, M-cone reduced (Deuteranopia) which is why things through his eyes seem less vibrant. It is something he’s very ashamed of, to the point that he has never told anyone. Even people in his family are unaware of his condition, and he has learned to use the tiniest of details to spot problems without relying on color. The texture of a glaze or the scent of a dye tells him more about the quality of a good than the color ever could.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

That is such a cool trait for a character! Wow! And you really researched colorblindness, too (which shouldn’t be a surprise to me by now ^_^). It’s so true that when colors are less vibrant, the details stand out more. I’m really excited to see more of this guy, I really like him 😀 And I’m glad he got a cookie. Despite being super stoic all the time, he seems like he needs a cookie every now and then. Man, now I want a cookie…

I have a friend who is color-blind, so that’s what first got me curious about how he saw the world. Once I researched it, I thought it would be interesting to make a character with a similar vision. A Color Blindness simulator helped me choose what type would be best for Pakku, and I’ve created some filters that (hopefully) mimic the condition correctly.

I’m so glad you like Pakku! I was worried that he would be too stand-off-ish for people to connect with him. And everybody needs a cookie now and again. Pakku more than most. 🙂

There are so many smart things on this page I don’t know where to start. Except by saying that Pakku is obviously Sherlock Holmes.

Also. Now I want a cookie. (And I like Pakku, too. He’s weird, which makes him really interesting.)

AH, very cool. I’m also RG-defective, though it’s mild enough that it rarely causes me trouble.

But where I fail in frequency sensitivity, I make up for it in amplitude sensitivity. I can see quite well in dark and I don’t even own a pair of sunglasses for light.

Oh, wow, I did not expect a response this late to the strip!

I used to stare at the sun so often because I thought it was really cool that my eyes wouldn’t react to the sun if I sort of “tranced out”. I dunno why, but they wouldn’t constrict and I wouldn’t get an afterimage. Of course, NOW I know that was stupid!

I seem to recall that some forms of color-blindness could lend one more light-sensitivity. Something about too many rods and not enough cones (could be backwards there!) reducing colors but increasing light. Been a long time though since I read that.

There is a downside to my sensitivity. I can see well in the dark but my pupils constrict very readily. That means, one flash of light and I’m blind again. I hate driving at night because of oncoming headlights…

Minor upside though: I get to laugh at the optometrists that don’t listen to me when I tell them my eyes do NOT like to dilate and they have to redo the drops.

Oh, hey, I’ll shut up now; starting to annoy myself.

I did the same thing, as entertainment during loooooong drives through Kansas! Children: absolutely NO common sense!!

Hmm…I didn’t know about the sensitivity due to rod/cone balance…Tamakepe already have poorer eyesight due to the phosphorescence compound in their eyes. The additional light creates additional “noise” that the mind has to filter, making it remove light levels similar to that produced by their eyes. As a result, their night vision is particularly terrible…I hadn’t thought what impact this might have on Pakku. He might absorb more light in darkness, but have serious issues with even minor light changes. Hmm…have to think on this… Thank you!!

I was just guessing as to what rod/cone rebalancing might do regarding light sensitivity! But it did lead me to look up colorblindness on wikipedia and combine it with what I learned in school about 150 years ago. And it looks like I had the condition you chose wrong AND what it might cause.

Deuteranopia is an actual reduction in the existence of green cones. (Deuteranomaly, on the other hand, is a change in sensitivity to the appropriate wavelengths of light, the cones still exist and function).

Since rods are typically only active/useful in low light and cones are required for normal light vision, this should lead Pakku to have dimmer vision all around in normal light as well as green-reduced saturation. But, according to what I read, that alone should not effect low-light situations.

A concurrent boost in rods, which does not occur in human deuteranopia, could give greater acuity in low-light. Again, in human deuteranopia, this wouldn’t happen, but Tamakepe biology is your playground.

In short, if you give Pakku strictly human deuteranopia, then his vision should be dimmer and green-reduced in normal light and perfectly normal for Tamakepe in low light. If you give a Tamakepe variation of some kind….?

I suspect the phosphorescence would be more like having a small flame just in front of your eyes than like having a colored lens. Your description reads to me much like a colored lens, but not exactly. Have you ever worn hunter’s glasses? They’re yellow. Wear them for a few minutes and everything looks perfectly normal again. Take them off and everything is BLUE (at least, it is for me, an RG’er) for a while. Your brain adjusts around it to get what it thinks things should be. The phosphorescence, on the other hand, should cause a general reduction in apparent light sensitivity. Much like shining a flashlight in your own eyes while looking around a room, everything should look darker. This is also kind of what you said (and, I’m thinking, is what you MEANT to say?).

Interestingly enough, you could have a Tamakepe variant deuteranopia that has a boost in rods giving better night acuity. And, you can invent another condition where the eyes lose the glow. A combination of the two could give someone excellent night vision compared to the general population.

God, I loved biology!

Anyway, I was an absolute genius child, I was merely trying to have a staredown with Ra.

Yes!! Exactly! Ahh, you have the words that make the sense for the brain thoughts in my mind!! What you’re describing with the small flame analogy is what I was thinking, because I’d also considered the adjustments the eyes are capable of (which are many and fascinating) but I failed to accurately describe the concept.

Science in general is a topic I really enjoyed, although I was a greater fan of physics and chemistry than biology. I always had a bit of trouble with memorization. Abstract concepts and mathematical equations were always closer to my strengths.

Thank you so much for this discussion!!

You are quite welcome! Though I would get too bored too quickly to do it myself, I’m always interested in the world-building behind people’s stories. Bonus since I have a defect shared with a character!

Aha, a fellow sciencer!

I love pretty much all the sciences; maths, physics, quantum mechanics, etc. To me, they’re all like puzzles and I ADORE puzzles. At one point, I memorized all the bones in the human body because I got bored. I then started on the muscles… Got bored before I got that done.

I invented shortcuts in math in school! I also did the tests without a calculator and turned mine in faster, and with higher scores, than everyone else.

All the other classes, though? History, lit, English? Heh. I’m gonna pretend those didn’t exist.

See, I’ve always been that weird kid that liked all subjects equally. English and Math were my two best subjects. Which probably explains why I’m an engineer by day and a comic artist by night!


Heh. I have seen that combo, an engineer-comic artist, once before but I cannot recall where. It is a rare balance for sure!

I dislike English, Lit, History, etc. for the same reason I like Math and Science (and computer programming!): rules and structure. The sciences are like a giant puzzle where all the pieces fit into place so neatly once you figure out what the shape is you have. The others? Ugh. More exceptions and nonsense and opinions than structure.

Know what amuses me? An IQ test that differentiates left-right brain scores reveals me to be an artiste! Bah!

RETROACTIVE COMMENTING FOR THE WIN! I hope you still get notifications for comments left on a page this old.

Just dropping a line in to let you know a little fun-fact: I’m red-green colorblind, and the first few times I read this comic (even in print), the different color scheme of this page completely slipped my notice. It looked exactly like everything I usually see. I only realized that this section was visually different because a friend told me the colors were deliberately muted.

Mission accomplished, you’ve successfully recreated colorblind visuals with Pakku-O-Vision! GOOD JOB 8D

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