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C2P25 – Glug

C2P25 – Glug published on 5 Comments on C2P25 – Glug

Poor Mr. Zavipo. Not only does he have cruel internet parents that named him “Muttonchops” as a child (yes, I’m looking at you, Elwen 🙂 ) but now Pakku’s oddness has driven him to drink! I imagine his Indulgence Day escapades are going to interesting…and difficult to live down for years to come.


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Ihave not mentioend it before, but, I love your sound effects. They’re very non-standard but often work so much better for me than standard sound effects because they actually sound like a sound.

Standard sound effects always bothered me for exactly that reason! They never seemed to match what the sound actually…well…SOUNDED like! What’s the point of a sound effect if it doesn’t match the sound?

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