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C2P22 – The Case

C2P22 – The Case published on 8 Comments on C2P22 – The Case

You’ll notice Zhumupuru, the green bear, in various forms all over the room. Although known as the Indulgence of Gluttony, he is also considered the Fortune of Plenty if you follow folk lore and superstition. Although most people are fairly devout Visionaries, many old traditions have endured despite the dominant religion’s efforts to eliminate them.


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Is it just me, or does Pakku have trouble keeping his fingers off of things? He seems to be grabby at everything. XD

Pakku’s really detail-oriented when it comes to objects. With people…he tends to miss things. 🙂

There’s some stuff in the comments about Pakku being mildly autistic and looking at this stuff and remembering stuff from my first read-through and I really get it, especially since I’m Asperger’s Syndrome myself, and I feel like Pakku might have that exact same thing. Autistics, especially AS’s, often have increased senses, specifically tactile. Sometimes just the texture of the keys on my keyboard can be distracting, and keyboards without the little raised bumps on J and F for the home position throw me for a loop because I keep expecting them to be there.

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