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Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

I like his jacket design.

Also, really nice expression work on this page.

Random question: Can/do the two races in this world interbreed?

I’ll admit, when I started LL, I was intrigued but not all that invested. I liked it enough (and I trusted you enough) to keep reading, but I wasn’t like “THIS IS AWESOME” until Mizha and Tama met up. Your characters are always fantastic, so that’s what I was looking for. (I always thought your world was really neat, though.)

On a reread, though, I think that lack of investment was mostly because this is such a complex story. Reading it more or less at a sitting was much more engaging, not just because I was recognizing stuff but because it was easier to grasp what was going on and what it meant. (That’s probably just me, though. I always have that problem. I’ve had to reread Gunnerkrigg Court at least twice now to remember what the hell is going on.)

That’s when I started having the most fun, too. Characters are my favorite part of the story, and I love how everyone interacts in my cast. I can see how overwhelming everything could be at first. I tried to piece out information slowly, but it’s a whole world to take in. It makes sense that it would take a little time to settle in. I’m just glad you trusted me enough to stick with it! Thank you!

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