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This might sound like an overly intellectual comment, but you are all about that, so I figure it’s okay: *whoa* is Mizha letting her cultural imperialism show. I mean, I know she’s touchy-feely by nature, but still.

Also, where did Tama get that scar?

It’s true. And yeah, these scenes are two-fold in that regard. On the one hand, this is almost an exact mirror of how she treated Tama when she saw him again. Tackle, interrogate. However, the flavor with Zhiro does seem a little different. Mizha cares a lot about Zhiro, but there IS a cultural edge that creeps in.

Where did Tama get that scar? WHERE INDEED… *strokes imaginary villain goatee*

Ohh, Mizha… Haha. Her inquisitive and touchy-feely natures are a force to be reckoned with. I hadn’t even thought of cultural imperialism, but now that SkysongMA mentioned it, her reaction to Zhiro versus Tama is noticeably different.

Your lighting looks great on this page! 😀

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