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C2P17 – Propriety

C2P17 – Propriety published on 14 Comments on C2P17 – Propriety

I love how these three interact sooooo much! They are just a constant joy to play with. All of their personalities clash and mesh in fun ways, and as a result I never get tired of seeing what they will do next. I’m so happy to finally have these three in the same place. Mizha, Tama, and Zhiro are fine on their own, but it’s when they’re together that they really shine.


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The fact that you love playing around with how they interact is exciting! I know that means more good things in the future…

Oh, I have BIG plans for this story. Big, sprawling, gonna be here a decade plans. It should be fun. 🙂

(I was just about to say that I felt the comic really picked up here. I was reading before because I was curious about Mizha, but now I’m actually invested in the characters.)

Also. Puppy eyes. D:

Interesting! I really appreciate that feedback. It’s so hard for me to know why people read, and investment is something that is really key. A lot of people have expressed curiosity in Mizha, but to know that curiosity =/= investment until about here is REALLY useful. And here I’d been worrying about these scenes being too boring! I loved drawing them, but I was fretting that people would think there wasn’t enough action. Pff! Shows how little I know!

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