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C2P16 – Welcome home

C2P16 – Welcome home published on 9 Comments on C2P16 – Welcome home

Pff, Zhiro, you are truly an easy mark. I (and Tama) will in no way take advantage of your gullible qualities in the future. I like imagining Tama’s snooty tone in the first half, although I don’t know how he can endure Zhiro’s kicked-puppy-dog-face. TAMA, YOU MONSTER!!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

You were totally right! I do love this page 😀 Huzzah for Tama and his breaking of racial tension! Seriously, that last panel is so poignant :’)

nothing makes a fantasy world more real than racial discrimination. It may be wrong, but in world building it just makes the story more alive and real!

especially with the whip scars on Zhiro’s back. ouch…

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