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C2P14 – How kind

C2P14 – How kind published on 7 Comments on C2P14 – How kind

Waaaay back in April the Comic Dish Podcast did a review of LeyLines. One of the things they mentioned was that the coloring for LL seemed muddy, and needed more definition in the shadows and lights. This is the page I was working on at that time, and this was my first attempt to add in harder shadows. Baby steps here, but in future pages you’ll be seeing further experimentation with not only greater definition, but also bounce-light. fantastic tutorial on the subject was suggested to me by Aphex and it has been amazingly helpful. Thank you Aphex!!


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Holy crap, you have a crazy big buffer… Though with a comic as detailed and beautifully colored as yours, this shouldn’t surprise me!

I think the coloring looks really nice here. And I love the last panel!

I knew I’d need a big one this time around, so the first six months prior to launching was seeing if I could meet a 2/week goal and build up enough pages to launch with 15 and keep 25 in the bag for gradual release. Life’s been so crazy it’s slowly eroding tho. That, and I’ve hit a nasty BG intensive section. HISS! Who needs backgrounds, really??

Wow, this is fantastic! The light really works in this page, I can tell you’ve been working hard! I do have to agree, the colors seemed somewhat muted in the first couple of pages or so, but you’ve really been making colors pop from that point on 😀

Ever upward, right? I can already see improvements. I can’t wait to see how much I improve in a year, or in five! How fantastic it will be, to look back at old work and see how far I have come!! Now I just have to challenge myself to make sure that happens!

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