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C2P13 – Stand-off

C2P13 – Stand-off published on 8 Comments on C2P13 – Stand-off

I love pretty much everything about how this page turned out, but I am particularly happy with the background. Although I had drawn things in this hall before, I’d never made a floor plan for it until this page, so the dimensions were all ways changing and there were never any props. Learning how to measure out a scene improved my consistency a lot!

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Yay, Zhiro! Stand up for your rights! *fistpump*

I really love the pattern on the floor tiles, as well as the texture – how did you do that? It looks so cool! I love little detail-y stuff like that 🙂

The tiles are a mess of PS filters, the primary one being “Filter–>Render–> Difference Clouds” applied repeatedly and then tweaked for color. Good for making a pretty nice marble look. The pillars I think are a mixture of gradients with layers of Difference Clouds AND “Filter > Noise > Add Noise”. Finally the backgrounds behind Zhiro and Warren in the close-up shots are gradients combined with home-made textures, which I’ll put a tutorial together for in the future. Really easy to make, actually!

I can just smell the tension in that final panel. It was perfect, Robin. You’re skills are growing exponentially each day.

Thank you, George!

Working on comics sometimes makes me feel like an explorer of human behavior, especially when I do silent panels. Challenging myself to tell a story with body language and expression lets me explore how people interact in a more organic way than dialog. I’m so glad the tension in this one comes across!

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