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C2P04 Rainbow Goddess’ gift

C2P04 Rainbow Goddess’ gift published on 2 Comments on C2P04 Rainbow Goddess’ gift

Illusions are powers that come from the Rainbow Goddess, much like the knowledge granted to Zhiro when in his trance is an ability granted by DreamEater. And, just as there is a toll for DreamEater’s gifts, the Dreaming of an Illusionist comes at a steep price.


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I’m really impressed by your artwork and coloring, Robin. Good work!

Thank you so much, George! I really tried to challenge myself with the artwork and story. I’ve always thought I had a terrible sense of color, so I figured practice and experimentation was the only way to fix that! I’m still learning new things every day, but I’m very proud of how far I’ve come already! Hopefully I shall only continue to improve from here.

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