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C3P0 – Suspicions

C3P0 – Suspicions published on 7 Comments on C3P0 – Suspicions

I have had SO MUCH FUN working on Chapter Three pages these past few months and I can’t WAIT to start sharing them! We’ll be meeting our final main cast member, be introduced to a new ancient god, and get in a whole bunch of trouble that (for once) ISN’T Tama’s fault. Mostly.

Today there’s also a new Featured Link for the webcomic Adrastus!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Is it wrong that when I saw the page header I immediately thought this was gonna be a Star Wars tribute page?
I know it is wrong that I am a little sad that it isn’t, even despite Pakku’s awesome jacket.
Man, I’d love a jacket like that myself!

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