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C1P9: By Broken Moon

C1P9: By Broken Moon published on 4 Comments on C1P9: By Broken Moon

If it seems like things just got weird…well, they did! Mizha has very strange and vivid dreams, much like I do. Symbols and speech often don’t make much sense, and I awaken in the morning wondering what on earth it was all supposed to mean. If you find yourself wondering the same thing in the next few pages, don’t worry, we’ll be getting back to the real world soon! -Robin


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Hey Robin! Your comics are great! I can’t wait for you to come for a visit to my school! I wish I could make my own comics! witch I can! well anyway, I can’t believe your coming to my school! It was a huge suprise when my teacher said “in a couple of weeks Robin is coming. All my classmates screeched. Ok, got to go, bye!

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