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C1P8: Guarded Dreams

C1P8: Guarded Dreams published on 4 Comments on C1P8: Guarded Dreams

Vision is one of several gods in the Tamakepe culture, along with DreamEater and two others we’ll eventually meet. For the Itsuri, Vision is the central god, representing the key virtues of the society: Brilliance, Duty, and Ambition. In the Itsuri culture, Vision is associated with the sun, and DreamEater with the new moon.


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I thought the high sage called Dreameater a Timu god. Was he wrong?

But you previously said he could only be hosted by a Timu.
If Dreameater is part of the Tamakepa theology also, then why can’t a ‘lightbringer’ who believes in/worships him be a host to his spirit?

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