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C1P6: How do you Fare?

C1P6: How do you Fare? published on 4 Comments on C1P6: How do you Fare?

I love how short Zhiro is.

In past stories I always made characters the same height, partly because it was easy, and mostly because I never thought about it much. When I entered an Original Character Tournament, I thought it might be fun to enter a character that was shorter than average, just to experiment. It made me realize how much of a character can change just on height, both visually and psychologically.

When I designed characters for LeyLines I wanted characters to have very distinct features, not only based on race, but on who they were and what family lines and cultures they came from. You can read more about my Character Design process here. I encourage anyone to try out unusually tall and short characters in their images! It definitely makes me think a lot differently about composition, and presents interesting drawing challenges that always keep making pages fresh!


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