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C1P3: Long Unanswered

C1P3: Long Unanswered published on 5 Comments on C1P3: Long Unanswered

The design of this menacing being originally comes from concept art from another story I was working on, about a woman who would snag the evil spirits of a location, like a Dreamcatcher catching bad dreams.

This horned skull with red mane and tattered cloak was originally an evil spirit of the Kansas plains. My father’s family is from a very small town in Kansas, and there are places there that have a strange, unfriendly feel about them. Locations where my grandmother would refuse to go, and that my father will not talk about. I was trying to portray some of that mystery and malice with the spirit’s design, and a bleached skull seemed like the best place to start. The rest of it grew from there!


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Being from & currently living in Kansas I would like to ask the question of were these “strange, unfriendly” places are??? (Yes we probably will end up going there.)

There was an abandoned farm house near Mankato Kansas that belonged, at some point in the past, to my family. Inside, in the basement, were the remains of a family’s life. Plates on the table, dolls on the floor, clothes in wardrobes, rusted pots and pans on the abandoned stove. It seemed as if the people living there just stood up one day and left. Perhaps they did. My cousins thought one day to surprise my grandmother with a “visit to the old homestead,” and she went into a fit when we arrived, refusing to even step outside the car. I’ve never heard the story of what happened there, but I don’t think it was pleasant.

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