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C1P27: Shattered

C1P27: Shattered published on 6 Comments on C1P27: Shattered

There’s something about the image of a shattered mirror that appeals to me. In real life I have a tendency to avoid mirrors. When I look in them, I always feel self-conscious and critical. The concept of destroying that image seems like both a freeing and crippling act.


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I don’t know why you avoid mirrors, I could sit an look at you all day. Perhaps its that when you look in a mirror you see all of your potiental, both good and bad, looking back at you, or maybe it’s when you compare your image to the idealized concepts in society you feel you don’t measure up. then again, it could be that you know, as I do, that the image in the mirror is not, in fact, your reflection, but another being looking back at you…

Nope, nothing as deep as all that! I have just had a long-established negative core-belief due to my upbringing. This resulted in me believing that I was ugly. While it’s something I’m trying to combat now, and no longer intellectually think is true, avoiding mirrors continues to be a bit of a habit.

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