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What did that mirror ever do to her?! And if she believes in superstitions, I imagine that’s a lot of bad luck…which she probably didn’t need.

Nice buildup of her character, and I love the colors on this page! me = new reader.

Welcome!! Always exciting to meet a new reader! I’m glad you’re enjoying Mizha’s character build-up. I have a big character arc planned for her and I hope you’ll enjoy her journey!

On mirrors and luck, while they don’t have a seven year rule in Tamakepe culture, mirrors are considered gateways to the soul. That can be good or bad, depending on what is coming through them! Breaking one definitely can have a major spiritual impact…but you’ll see more of that later as you go through the archives. 🙂

Rereading the earlier archives. Just noticed the commentary for this page, and yeah, I think that expresses the feeling pretty well.

I’ve read some articles that talk about something in a similar vein: telling people to “Calm down” when they’re upset about something. It’s actually likely to result in the person becoming less calm since it implies that they either don’t care that you’re upset (or why you’re upset), or consider your reasons invalid. Not to mention that they really have no place deciding what your feelings should be (which I think is what we subconsciously understand when we get upset if someone tells us to ‘smile!’). It’s also not productive; just calming down rarely solves the problem.

Also, with the ‘smile!’ thing, it’s like some people assume you need to be happy every single moment in order to be happy as a whole. Or that not smiling means you’re definitely not happy, when some people are just more reserved in their (facial) expressions.

Anyway, just what came to mind when I saw that.

I’d never thought about how destructive “calm down” can be to a person’s calm…that’s something I’m going to have to remember for the future. Although I do think that there are merits to calm in order to solve problems. It might not solve the issue on its own, but it does make it easier to consider possible options in a less explosive state of mind.

Instead of saying callously to calm down, you should recommend that they take deep breaths and rethink the problem. Validate their emotions while checking their reactions – that’s what works best with me when I’m mad so I try to say it to others.

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