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C1P25: Put on a Happy Face

C1P25: Put on a Happy Face published on 2 Comments on C1P25: Put on a Happy Face

I was going for a sunset feel, but I think I may have over-done it. Unless my world has a neon rave sign as a sun. Well, sometimes an experiment works out. Annnnd other times things get…pink.


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Poor Mizha. D: This is such a great image. Lots of emotion conveyed in such a simple movement. I also love the ambient light. To me it feels very evocative of an oncoming evening.

I only have one criticism in the art that I’ve seen so far, and it’s pretty small. I can imagine how frustrating/time-consuming redrawing the masks each time they come up would be, but in some places, the straight copy of the mask lineart sticks out quite a bit (in how it looks so clean next to the thicker lines of Mizha’s hands in this page, and how the masks on c1pg16 look very flat in the third panel). But this is a small gripe and on the whole, the advantages with the speed may outweigh any slight impact on the comic page…

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