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C1P22: Observations

C1P22: Observations published on 5 Comments on C1P22: Observations

I love how many people with long hair have written to me about this page. Once I left home, I didn’t get a hair cut for about…oh…six or seven years for this EXACT REASON. Lazy long hair people UNITE!

The Indulgences are particularly popular among children, and the focus of many toys and stories. Although children are expected to become contributing members of society once they’re older, when young they are not subject to much disciplinary action. They are free, in a sense, to act out Indulgences without fear of consequence. In most cases, at least.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Aw man, i can totally relate, that’s the kind of comment i’d repeatedly get from my half brother and sister when my hair was still long!

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