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This is old I know but an idea to convey the action you describe above without showing it would be to have a layer in the background behind CRUNCH and a more transparent red splashy layer where we are looking into her open mouth as though from the bird’s perspective which I feel would give the desired impression beyond a shadow of a doubt. I only mention this because I had assumed she had actually crushed the bird in her hands or something similar until you explained in the post below the page. I suppose touching her lips with her fingers in the second to last panel would be a hint but that’s also a common gesture of terror.

I just found this a day or so ago and so far am intrigued though feeling a bit lost with all the names this early. No worries though, I just had to flip back and forth between pages to get everything straight. Can’t wait to see where this story goes. =]

Yeah, as with anything created years and years ago, there are a lot of things I’d do differently now. And a lot of things that seem far less important to me now than they did then. I think what’s important is that violence against the bird is implied. The actual specific manner isn’t as meaningful as I thought it was back in the day.

Another thing I’d change is how many names and terms I throw at the audience all at once. Too much, too fast. It asks a lot of the reader. Ah well. Live a little, learn a little!

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