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C1P10: Very Happy for You

C1P10: Very Happy for You published on 4 Comments on C1P10: Very Happy for You

Mizha is not swept off her feet by your creepy hug, Mr. Skull-head. Have you considered flowers? I’m told girls like flowers. Personally, I’m a chocolates gal, myself.


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I’ve read Leylines before, but I lost track and am re-reading to make sure I have a grasp of the story. Re-reading, I want to say, I REALLY want to compliment your use of textures in Mizha’s dream sequence. It gives the work a really surreal quality and keeps anything from looking ‘normal’, as well as adding a tactile effect for the reader, you can almost imagine how she’s feeling by the textures in the art. Though that might just be me.

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