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Last week I tried out a meme about original characters on Twitter. It was a lot of fun! So I thought I’d share the meme and the answers to the questions here. I’ll break it into two parts, because otherwise it will be very long indeed.

Here’s the meme questions:

1. Your Oldest OC

Does this Squirrel who wanted to cross the ocean to find better acorns count? I did this when I was 4 or 5. A complete story. The book is bound backwards. To this day, I still feel vaguely embarrassed about struggling to tell left from right.  (Sometimes I claim that I was into manga from an exceptionally young age.)

2.  Your Newest OC

Ripley. My Salarian (mad) scientist for Cory’s MassEffect RP. Her motto: If I can’t do something, why not build something that can? Like making friends. Why not just…make…friends? Friends that can shoot hard light projections. And explode.  She also believes that the Blasto the Jellyfish films are the pinnacle of modern film making, although of course they can’t compare to the classics.  Which classics?  Oh, they’re very rare.  You probably haven’t heard of them.

3. Your Favorite OC

Always the one I’m writing for at the moment. It’s like falling in love all over again every time with what I adore and deplore about them. Right now I’m chewing on script for the next vignette, so it’s Una.

4. Any Villain OCs?

How much time do you have?  Here are just a few.

The two in black and white are both from my Shades of Grey days.  That’s Sister Sincerity and…you know, I’m not sure I ever gave that creature a name?  It was sort of an amalgamation person puppet for a larger otherworldy force to manifest in.  I think the closest to a name that it ever got was “Beast.”  Similarly, the ghostly woman in blue bugging Frost was also never given a name, because I decided she didn’t deserve one.  She has always been referred to as “Frost’s Mom.”  Vision, of course, you already know.

There are also a lot of characters that I have that I’d classify as “Antagonists” instead of “Villains,” because often with the stories I write, who is classified as “good” or “bad” changes a lot as things evolve. They’ve got agendas. Some are nobler than others.  Hans falls into this category from Shades of Grey.  Other characters from LeyLines like Una, Dr. Milan, Lu Pai, Renar, etc…well, I’ll let you make your own judgements as to whether or not they qualify as villains.  I know what my opinion on them is, but sharing that would be telling.

5. Reason for making OCs

Consciously? Because I love creating stories. Unconsciously? Because in order to grow as a person my brain needs to put aspects of myself into imaginary people so that by developing their fictional arcs I can go through the same arcs in Real Life too.  I process thoughts and emotions by making comics.  I’m not entirely sure if I would have grown nearly as much thus far without them.  They feel incredibly necessary to me.  Comics are a part of my brain.  If I didn’t make them, it’s like I’d stop thinking with a big chunk of my mind.

6. Describe your character creation process

*initial concept* *doodling*
*outline their deepest, darkest fears*
*determine the rationalizations they use to cover those fears*
*Talk to myself a lot*

…this is only partly a joke.  There is of course more to it than that, and more structure, but that process is more than what would fit in a single blog.  If we decide to do Character Building as the future Creator Corner topic on Patreon I’ll dive into it more there!

7. Fav OC Ship / 8. Do you ship your OCs with anyone else’s OC?

I’m not sure if this is of my own OCs or those of other works? I don’t generally ship my OCs so much as randomly realize that two characters might or might not be interested in each other and then desperately plead with them to tell me. That said, Frost/Rhi OTP 4VR!

Frost and Rhi are the only romance pair that I’ve written that I’ve ever felt particularly happy with. The last few chapters of the prose series I did (titled “Frost in Germany”) with them is probably the fluffiest, sappiest, most gooey heart thing I’ve ever written and I’m still happy with it.  Also, Cory and I made a Beauty and the Beast parody version of “That Belle” song based on that pairing & OG in general that I’m still tickled about.  Even if I can’t ever remember the difference between the word “golem” and the name “Gollum.”  It’s full of in-jokes and funny voices.  I’m most proud of my singing and my voice work for Collin and the person screaming “MY HEAD’S ON FIRE!”  Also, Cory knocked pretty much everything out of the park for his pieces.  The two of us did SO MANY voices and parts for this.

While Frost is my creation, Rhiannon belongs to Jo Tyler, who you can find on Twitter @KittyCatalyst!

9. Weirdest OC

I’ve had a lot? Like…define “weird”? Maybe WHAT?! (yes, that’s her name) from a short-lived superhero RP. She had shape changing powers that she couldn’t control so random bits of her would transform unexpectedly. I rolled dice to determine what animals & parts.  It was insane.

10. Favorite OC design

I really like drawing goopy Dream Eater. I don’t know if I’d consider it good on a technical level (what is that skull, why slime, ur jus makin things up Robin) but it’s fun and I just enjoy drawing bits and blops falling off and schlorping around.  Plus the inside-out, Russian doll aspect of Dream Eater vomiting out and then being absorbed by the tar-like creature that lives inside him is something that satisfies something bleating in my heart. Or maybe my liver? Could be kidney area.

I have had a few people mention that at first glance they didn’t notice that Dream Eater standard is actually encased inside Dream Eater Goop Monster, with his face covered and no mask on.  Yup!  He makes a weird organ blob inside that bigger, meaner, tar blob.

That’s questions 1 – 10!  Next update I’ll post 11 – 20.

We’ve also got SpiderForest features for the week!

Demon Archives by Dan Sharp- As Captain of the Keleres, Tenzin Dorje led his team to defend the people of Minerva from raiders and rival factions. But when a new enemy destroys the Keleres and seriously wounds Tenzin, he’ll have to face his personal demons to restore peace to the region.

October 20 by Marius Hjelseth- For 12 years, Catherine has suffered agony, isolation, loss and betrayal. Now, she faces her most formidable monster. Her own guilt. Get ready for the final chapter of October 20, as Catherine returns to where all her grief began. Along for the ride are a few surprise allies. And enemies.  This is one of those comics where the writing makes it rise to the top of my list.  This is spooky and disturbing, but it is really well done!

Arbalest by L. Potyondy-Edens – A reluctant monster with six months to live learns to transcend her role in an isolated, fearful village.



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Maybe this will all be okay and they’ll just have a fun shopping montage! Yes! That will totally happen.

Also, I saw this thread on Twitter, but… still. The Frost/Rhi feels. ALL OF THE FEELS.


Though, Zhiro’s face looks oddly light in that last panel…

Looking forward to seeing the other half of the OC meme! ^^

Probably a byproduct of lighting experiments I’m trying. I want the lighting in Kuzopa to be weird. Almost a perpetual twilight look? They’ve got a lot of rapid industrialization happening and as a result a lot of thick coal-plant cloud cover with random or diffuse light. The degree to which I’m successful with this look varies a lot though.

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