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C14P10 Real Reason

C14P10 Real Reason published on 2 Comments on C14P10 Real Reason

Remember, if at first you don’t succeed, give up and run, run away.

I’m pretty sure that’s how the saying goes, right?  Yeah.

This morning was less than ideal.  Cory got a phone call at 4 am from the security service that monitors his store, reporting that a burglary attempt had been made.  Cory was thinking he’d need to go down there, even though the drive is a minimum of 40 minutes.  And it was his day off.  And also I was concerned that maybe a burglar would still be there and stab or murder him, which is clearly not his job.

Fortunately I convinced him to call the cops, because facing the possibility of a murder burglar is actually their job, and it turned out they’d already checked it out and everything looked fine.  We’ve been coming up with theories of varying outlandishness as to what set off the alarm for the rest of the day.  Cory’s reasonable theory is that it was a mouse and it tripped a sensor.  I countered with an equally reasonable declaration that there was clearly a giant anaconda that lived by day in the attic and partied on the main floor at night.  I bet you they run a snaky night club.  That place is a legless rave.  Nobody can get down farther than a snake.

Also I’m very tired right now, because that’s what happens when you’re up at 4 am on your day off.

Feel free to provide your own outlandish theories.  On anything.  What are number stations really about?  When will the aliens come?  Will they bring biscuits?  What’s gonna happen in this comic to your favorite character?  Will it be tragic or involve a delightful tea party?  The possible questions to be answered are endless.

Did I mention I’m very tired?  Yeah.  Sleepy time now.  Good night.


Whoops!  I forgot I’m doing SpiderForest Features this month.  This week’s featured comics are:

Supervillainous by Zap – The Crimson Claw is a career supervillain. He’s got a flying fortress, and army of henchmen, and ill-gotten wealth. He’s also got a family – one that he will stop at nothing to protect and provide for. How can he find a balance between villainy and family?

Vanguard by Dan Butcher – In the near future, a small team of genetically engineered meta-human heroes protect our country’s interests at home and abroad… they are the VANGUARD.


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