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C14P09 Unspoken Rules

C14P09 Unspoken Rules published on 3 Comments on C14P09 Unspoken Rules

Curse those meddling kids and their respect for a grown woman who can make up her own mind about things instead of being carefully kept in the dark!

Apologies for the late update today. Cory’s “weekend” days changed recently and I still haven’t adjusted. I spent most of today thinking it was Tuesday, and just now realized that 1) No it’s not and 2) AUGH I’M LATE UPDATING. ALSO FOR THIS OTHER LIST OF THINGS. AAAAUUUUUUGHGGHHHH!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

It’s amazing how a little change to your schedule can throw you in a loop.

A side question, Robin: I’ve not been able to figure this out just reading the comic, but you’ve got the Timu and the Light Bringers on centre stage- but what race/species/culture is Pakku, for example? I can’t tell if you’ve just got humans and there’s a trend for greenish makeup, or if there’s a fourth race/species/culture in your world setting that hasn’t been mentioned.

Full marks to Miri on that reply, all of that is correct. There are only two races, Timu and Tamakepe (aka Light Bringers), although there are multiple cultures on both a national level and international level. Both are humaniod, but neither is human. There are no humans in this world.

I’ve written more about differences in physical traits in this page’s vlog waaaay back in chapter 1.

Pakku is a Tamakepe (Light Bringer) from the border between the nations of Itsuri and Pwama, so he does have different cultural influences, which is why he knows about Mizha’s abilities, but Warren does not. As Miri noted, he is Red/Green colorblind, which I explain in more depth in this blog. He does have the Tamakepe eye bio-luminescence, which I discuss a little more here.

Regarding makeup trends, yes, there is a trend towards green and blue make-up. Both Una and Mizha when she was younger wore makeup in this style. It’s considered a little out of fashion now. It came into style when Tama and Mizha’s mother, Naiome, first married their father, Koruval. You can juuuuuust make out this style on Naiome in this family portrait. It was popularized by the common folk, as an attempt to welcome Naiome, originally from Pwama, to her new home in Itsuri. Since the Rainbow Goddess is associated with moths and is an important goddess in Pwama culture (but only a minor goddess in Itsuri culture) the idea was that the eye makeup would mimic wings on the face. Makeup is generally not worn by women in Pwama, however, and is seen as more of a masculine product. So Naiome adopted the style very rarely, such as in the family portrait, and usually for political reasons rather than preference. Still, it was very popular, and you’ll still see Itsuri women wearing their makeup in this manner. Una, meanwhile, has decided recently to opt for a more modern look, although she still adores green.

One additional note worth mentioning: The words “Timu” and “Tamakepe” are only used in Itsuri culture. Both are imposed by Visionary religious doctrine. Pwama takes a different approach, which we’ll get into a little bit more later in this chapter.

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