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C14P04 – Bribery

C14P04 – Bribery published on 8 Comments on C14P04 – Bribery

Yes Tama.  Because that has worked out so well for you in the past. 

No long vlog from me today.  Been feeling under the weather the past week or so and right now I just want to sleep.  So that’s what I’m gonna do.


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Ohh, I miss whiny chapter one Tama. So cute.

Also, Tama, it’s great that you’re trying to be sensitive to Kali’s feelings, but what she will really appreciate is you treating her like an adult who can handle the truth. Her not understanding the full shape of the world and living in fear of her heritage isn’t going to help anyone.

Still all the hugs, Robin.

Tama is always exceptionally sensitive to the feelings of others if it also means he gets to avoid conversations that would be uncomfortable for him.

oh, Tama. There are times when we marvel at how much you’ve grwon since CH1…. and there are times when we realize that there are still parts of you that are very, very immature. That whole “I will do anything to avoid an uncomfortable conversation even if I have to lie to myself and say it’s for someone else’s good” is an immaturity demon that I myself am all too familiar with…..

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