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C14P03 – Rain Send Dance Thingy

C14P03 – Rain Send Dance Thingy published on 8 Comments on C14P03 – Rain Send Dance Thingy

Related Link:  Kali is referring to the knowledge Dream Eater gave her at the end of chapter 13.

Not gonna lie, this scene is in here partly to have an excuse to draw Kali smiling.  I think I need to ensure at least one Kali smile per chapter.  I really wanted to start this comic out with actually showing Kali’s rain-sending dance thing, but the script was not working for it at all.  There were several drafts with it in there though, and I even went so far as to create a new song for it. And once I’d written the song, I had to record it. And once I’d done that I had to overlay the translation track on it too. So here’s the result:

Pamaru Version:
I zhazha zimulu
I zhazha zimulu.
Uvza wolu vuzha vizakazhea.
Vuzha ikaiki zaivu
Yeto malwe mikar.
Zhowuepa aizhopo kimiepa razhoko.
Yato etwa ruzi
Kuwani Waziki
Kuwani Waziki.

English version (adjusted for English syntax):
I send the rain.
I send the rain.
Blow wind to the farthest shore.
To the burning desert
Grant your gift.
Sorrow into joy transform.
Hear my plea,
Goddess of Wisdom, Waiziki.
Goddess of Wisdom, Waiziki.

I will be sharing the script drafts that included the dance scene with Creator Corner patrons though, so it won’t be lost forever!  It’s possible I might find a way to include it in a future chapter too, where it fits a little better with the themes I need to work with.

We’ve also started a new month, so the first Patreon Vlog is up for everyone to see.  All of my other weekly vlogs are available for folks at the $1/month level and above.  In this vlog I’m talking about Holiday Survival techniques.  I’ll be taking a break for Christmas/New Years, as this time of year typically rampages through my sense of well-being and leaves me a sad husk of a person, and maybe I should actually take time to feel what I feel.  Even if it’s bad.  Maybe especially if it’s bad.


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Oh, God, Kali is so cute in that outfit. I wish she could wear it all the time.

Also, Robin, ALL OF THE HUGS. And also your hair is so poofy and cute.

Did you sing that yourself? You’ve got an impressive voice.

Yup, that is me! I love singing and try to give myself an excuse to do so whenever possible. I just wish I could figure out how to compose music beyond a melody line. I have a few sons that I’ve written over the years, but I can’t seem to create decent accompaniment to save my life. I always over complicate it.

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