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C14P01 – Fortified

C14P01 – Fortified published on 7 Comments on C14P01 – Fortified

This page reminded me that no matter how practiced I get at composing pages, I should always double-check my planning to make sure the word balloons and the image work.

I made the best of a flubbed arrangement, but in the original thumbnail those tails crossed right over the fort that I was trying to feature. Pretty much ruining the arrangement of the entire page.

Putting them on the bottom is not the best solution, but it was the best I could do once the page was made.  Gotta stay humble, no matter how many years I do something. Gotta stay humble, and careful.

On the subject of doing things for years, I’m announcing a brand new feature on Patreon!  Every month I’ll be posting a comic retrospective.  We’ll be looking at 20 pages of past comics with creator commentary.

THIS FIRST VIDEO IS FREE TO EVERYONE, but future comic retrospectives will be posted for the $3/month TIME TRAVELER tier and higher only! 

If you enjoy getting into the nitty-gritty of creating this story, take a look at the $5/month Creator Corner reward tier as well.  Every month I post a video or article focusing on writing, art, or LeyLines lore.  Patrons are also welcome to suggest a feature focus at any time!  For the next few months we’ll be going through the writing process for chapter 13.  All my brainstorming, outlining, sketchbook designs, and drafts will be shared with my Creator Corner patrons!  Plus, they get the weekly vlogs, early page access, and these new comic retrospectives as well.

As always, thank you for being a reader of this story.  I know that not everybody is in a position to support financially.  Lots of you do other things like leaving encouraging comments here and on social media or telling your friends about my stories, editing work, or commissions.  Those things are incredibly valuable to me, and I want you to know that however you choose to support, I appreciate it a lot.  Thanks for being wonderful people.  I enjoy every moment chatting with you online, whether here in the comments or elsewhere. You make the world a better and more thoughtful place.


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I had gone back to the start of the comic, and I reread the first few…. um… thousand pages or so…

Your art has changed. There is a difference in the lines and changes. The style at the beginning is very nice, but the slight adaptations you’ve made over the years has come to really express the comic even better.

As for word balloons, put them where you want them, it looks great at the bottom.

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