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C13P68 – How’d it go?

C13P68 – How’d it go? published on 2 Comments on C13P68 – How’d it go?

Whoa, looks like Kali has made it to tackle-hug status for Mizha.  Look forward to having the wind knocked out of you on a semi-regular basis, friend.

The SpiderForest New Comic Features continue! This week’s theme:

Fantastic and Frightening Futures

I, Mummy:
An impulsive teenager turned mummy investigates her own murder with the assistance of a cantankerous ghost. Our story occurs in a future based on predictions from the late 1800s—a future where everyone can fly and there’s no such thing as wi-fi.

When a coup for power sends the world’s superhuman population into all out war, humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction. In their final hour a weapon designed to strip power from all superhumans is unleashed. On some, it works. Others become something far worse.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

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