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C13P64 – Self-Sabotage

C13P64 – Self-Sabotage published on 4 Comments on C13P64 – Self-Sabotage

There’s a lot of disillusionment going on in this page.

Thought I’d share a commission piece I did recently for The Clue Room, which is Colorado’s First Live Escape Game! If you’re not familiar with what an escape room is, basically you and a bunch of friends (or soon-to-be-friends) go into a room together.  The room is locked and a timer starts.  The room is full of puzzles, riddles, and clues.  Solve all the puzzles and you “escape” the room!

Most have a theme of some sort.  This commission was for the Kinoko room.  Kinoko is a science-fiction themed live escape game created and hosted by the Clue Room at their Centennial, Colorado location. In Kinoko, participants have landed on the mysterious island of Kinoko where they must find the tools to survival and a cure to a strange disease that their team has been infected with.

Here’s the poster I made for them:

It was, as you well may guess, a lot of fun to make!


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