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C13P58 The Monks’ Fate

C13P58 The Monks’ Fate published on 4 Comments on C13P58 The Monks’ Fate

Advantage of being a knowledge god: You do actually know what happened next.  Disadvantage:  You had no idea it would work out this way going in and you got really lucky this time through no work of your own.

We last saw the monks in the catacombs here, after Dream Eater ate their memories.

I’m feeling a bit loopy right now because I am in a delicious food coma.  There is a local fruit/veggie stand near where I live that opens mid-August and usually sticks around until late October.  I have been making a point to visit it at least once a week and plan meals around what they have.  Today we had fresh corn and Rocky Ford cantaloupe, which we paired with steak topped with a home-made Bearnaise sauce and baked asparagus.  I have started calling asparagus “as-per-grass” for no apparent reason.  I think at one point it was an in-joke, but I have forgotten everything around it and thus have no remaining context to say for sure.  We also had some seasoned baby potatoes and I treated myself to a hard cider, which is one of the few kinds of alcohol I can consume without my body throwing a fit.  (We haven’t figured out if it’s sulfides or certain kinds of additives or what, but most kinds of alcohol cause intense stomach pain for me.)

Anyway, it was glorious, and I’m the level of full where intelligent thought is a struggle.

I’m glad both Cory and I know how to cook and enjoy doing so together.  It means that we can create gourmet meals at a fraction of what it would cost in a fancy restaurant, and we have a good time in the process as well.  The only catch is neither of us like cooking for just one person, so it’s either gourmet meals for two…or a can of Spaghettios for one.  Or maybe a bit of bread and jam.  I once just ate a can of cold green beans in lieu of an actual meal.  (There are still regrets).  Does anybody else have this problem?  Not just with cooking, but with other activities?  What is it that makes doing certain things alone so hard?


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