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C13P53 Scheming God

C13P53 Scheming God published on 12 Comments on C13P53 Scheming God

The bargain Zhiro is referring to happened here.

I had an interesting evening. For my job with the Pop Culture Classroom, we have teacher training meetings. This was my first one, and it was with an instructor from the local center for creative arts who helps people incorporate theater techniques into other kinds of classrooms. We were introduced to variations on tableau exercises, which were a lot of fun, and also more simple exercises great for warm ups.

One of them was the four corners game. I had never played this game before, but many folks seemed familiar with it. The idea, if you are like me and this is new, is that you identify four corners in the room. Then you assign different things for each corner and people move to that corner. Sometimes lots of people end up in one spot, other times there’s just one or none. You might not feel 100% like that particular corner, or torn between two choices, but you still have to choose.

I thought the questions we were asked were interesting, so I decided to play the same game with you and ask you which corners YOU would pick! Here are the corners:

1. Creative, Imaginative, Innovative, Visionary
2. An engaged person is like: Ice water, A hot cup of coffee, a smoothie, a root beer float
3. Question, Answer, Speak, Listen
4. Managing a group (here it was a classroom, but substitute your own group of choice if you’re not a teacher) is like: A laundry basket, a three ring circus, a parade, a tornado

What corners would you have chosen, and why? Below are my answers, although if you want to skip them and comment with your own first, so I don’t influence your thinking, I will leave a gap here.



Okay, I went with creative because I primarily CREATE things, Smoothie because it’s colorful and I think of excitement as full of mental color, Question because I’m often more interested in the question than the answer, and three-ring-circus because ideally the chaos is fun yet also controlled enough to function.

I’m excited to see what you would have chosen!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

1. Imaginative, since I’m sometimes better at thinking up ideas than actually carrying them out.
2. Ice water — for that little chill up the spine I get when something really grabs me.
3. Listen. It can be hard to get me to start talking (although once I’m warmed up, you’ll wish I’d shut up…)
4. Circus. No matter how many majestic elephants and graceful acrobats there are on your team, there’s always a couple of clowns you have to cope with…

This is how I know you’re going to eventually make me feel things about Naza. Dream Eater made me so mad and now I’m SO SAD.

Creative (for obvious reasons), ice water (because it can be shocking or refreshing depending on the context), always listen, and I guess a circus for the same reason you mentioned? But I don’t really like any of the answers for that one.

1. Ugh, hard, but Innovative, which I would argue contains Creative and Imaginative as sub-corners. Finding better ways to do things is important.
2. An engaged person is like a smoothie because I hate most of the other things and ice water is refreshing, but ultimately flavorless. Engagement is deep, cool and has plenty of variety for all kinds of flavors of engagement.
3. Torn between question and listen, but questioning’s only good if the person is talking, but listening is what you need to do to find the right questions to ask.
4. Managing a group is like ALL OF THESE. But I’ll go with a parade, because I’m an optimist and ultimately I believe if you provide good, clear direction, you can inspire people to follow you and other people to follow them and everyone to add their cool flair to the spectacle.

Noooo it’s a trick, don’t feel bad for him! He’s the Trickster!

Maybe that’s what he WANTS you to think! No, wait, you should trust him, because you shouldn’t trust him, but he KNOWS that you’d think that, so naturally he’d…uh…Let me start over?

imaginative- i fantasize alot and love to doodle but often i spin off of existing things somewhat, far less likely i create something from scratch

root beer float- bubbly and fizzy for the excitement, cold and refreshing, and just creamy enough for comfort. two different things making a harmony.

question- i always want the why or how behind something. i hate being told to do something without a reason.

tornado- this last one was tricky. i feel like oftentimes there will always be something totally uncontrollable about other people. those that work well with groups are the kinds that bend under the wind instead of breaking.

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