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C13P49 – How Long?

C13P49 – How Long? published on 6 Comments on C13P49 – How Long?

Annnnd we’re back!  A huge thank you to Christina Major (Sombulus), Jenn Hatton, Rain P.OShadowRubyRose, and Meg Rowe for their wonderful contributions to the LeyLines Fan-Creation contest.  If you haven’t had a chance, hit the Previous button and take a look at their work.  And once you’ve done that, vote for your favorite and help pick a winner! Winner will be posted on Monday. After that, I will clean up the archive and move all the entries to the space between chapter 12 and 13, just so it won’t break the flow for archive divers in the future.

As for me, July was a great month to catch up, get a little rest, and hunt down the muse.  I added a little over a month’s worth of pages to the buffer and got a first draft (plus one revision) for chapter 14.  I also got Noel Arthur Heimpel to start working on a vignette that will go up between chapters 13 and 14!  Speaking of Noel and all the awesomeness that is them, they are running a Kickstarter for an incredible Tarot card deck right now!  Gorgeous watercolor illustrations with a diverse mission.  As Noel writes about their project:

“Tarot has been a huge tool in my life for self-discovery, healing, shadow work, and fun! Divination with cards of such deep symbolism can be a powerful way for anyone to connect with themselves or with others. However, not everyone can find themselves in the imagery of most Tarot decks on the market today; although the landscape is changing, most decks are still extremely heterocentric, ciscentric, white, and feature thin able-bodied people only. It can be very difficult to find depictions of non-white, queer, disabled, and plus-size bodies in Tarot, which means that many readers and querents aren’t seeing their lives reflected back at them in the cards–my queer, trans/nonbinary self included.

I wanted to create a deck that features ALL of these people, and does so in a way that’s mystical, magical, and full of color.”

I am so excited to get my own copy and do a reading with Noel’s deck! If you’d like to get your own, you’ve got 6 days left to do so!

Finally, I did take a little time between artwork and writing to rest, and Cory and I took our first vacation in over five years. We visited a hot springs, got a massage (I could use my wrists and ankles again afterwards. Yay massage!) and even treated ourselves to a fancy dinner and the purchase of even fancier soaps. (This is a new thing I have learned that I love: Fancy soaps!!)

How was your July?


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Uh, I mean: UH-oh! What’s worse: not knowing how long it’s gonna take, or knowing EXACTLY how long it’ll be, and being unable to speed things up?

My July’s been pretty nice, though I haven’t had much aside from RP to occupy my time. I look forward to resuming school. |D

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