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C13P42 Abomination

C13P42 Abomination published on 8 Comments on C13P42 Abomination

Dream Eater is really not a fan of this whole mortal/god hybrid thing.  There are many reasons he has not fully crossed that line with Zhiro.  One of them is simple disgust with the idea.

Sometimes I write with one set of ideas in mind, and a scene comes along that makes me rethink everything about my plans.  Often, because I realize that the assumptions I made were lazy or incomplete, or I simply hadn’t thought enough about something yet.  This section with Bone Matron was one of those moments.  In general, with most of my “antagonists,” this happens a lot.  Koruval was originally just flat out evil, for example, and used his children as disposable tools that he did not care about at all in the original LeyLines draft.  Then I started thinking about things like motive and personality, and all of a sudden he got complicated on me.  Bone Matron has gone through a similar process.

Sometimes it’s the act of drawing a character that does it.  An expression will surprise me, and change the nature of the dialog.  When I’d first imagined Bone Matron’s dialog in this section, she was removed.  Aloof.  Cold.  Yet when I came to draw her, the character did not want to play the scene that way.  This was her friend, and he was hurting, and she could not bear to offer so little comfort.  I realized that this moment was far more than a cog in one of her machines of fate.  This was a moment that changed how she defined herself.  Rather than being just one step of many, this is a pivot point.  It informs everything that comes after.

Part of writing is being flexible and open to change.  Not all characters are willing to play the parts as originally assigned (I’M LOOKING AT YOU UNA AND WARREN AND PAKKU).  Like actors, they bring their own personality, preferences, and ideas to the roles.  Shaping them in new ways.  A writer can adapt to these changes, or try to exert their power over the players and force them into the intended shape.  I have always preferred to follow the cues that the characters give me.  I’m rarely disappointed when I do.

Frustrated, confused, and on occasion baffled as I scramble to make all my plot points work…but never disappointed.


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Interesting that Bone Matron changed. Because I was also surprised by her in the past page. I anticpated her like you orginally intended: aloof and somewhat ruthless. I based that on DreamEaters comment: “But as usual she had other plans she didn’t tell us.” and the harsh way she seems to treat Kali.
I just wonder, is that still compatible with the Bone Matron you now have in mind?

I am also curious to the motives of Naza. So far, he seems to have little else than pride and lust for power. But it seems that when he was the Lightning Snake, he also had rivalry or something like that with Dream Eater.

By the way, I am beginning to think the gods were orginally more (hope it is the right word) animal. Naza was depicted in the drawings as a real snake (though maybe that was just a metaphor?) and was called the lightning snake. Bone Matron was orginally Fate Spider. I wonder why they all got more human, while the other four gods (forgot their collective name) diminished they may be, are still animals.

I hope you don’t mind I am speculating so much, but there are many intriguing details in your comic; it is hard to not think about that. However, if you find I speculate too much, say so, I will gladly guess further in silence.

Robin did say that Bone Matron is using a mortal priestess as a vessel here a couple of pages ago – Dream Eater definitely seems t have more animal characteristics to him in the more painting-style flashback scenes like digitigrade Rakaros legs (I’m remembering a specific image of him surrounded by Naza soldiers and looking pretty pitiful, I think it was during his speechifying n the temple but I don’t quite remember when). However, Dream Eater is also a trickster god and those are usually quite shape-shifter-y so it might be just a simple fluidity of form.

However, another thing to keep in mind – Dream Eater was the Rainbow Goddess’ counterpart, and despite having moth-like aspects in his shrine she is still also much more human-looking too. But Lightning Snake and Fate Spider were counterparts, and she’s always been portrayed as a straight-up spider. So it does seem the Mysteries are getting more human-like, but probably not as much as you’re thinking.

And then, it’s also said that their forms and aspects are partially determined by their worshippers. The Mysteries are associated very closely with human concepts like fate and knowledge – it stands to reason they’d be humanized more than the gods of sun, rain, life, and death. And we have seen Raviki as a harpy-like creature, if only in Mizha’s dreams, so he and the other three non-Mysteries might also have more humanlike forms than are usually depicted in art.

BUt, that’s just my analysis and might be totally wrong!

whoops, I got my counterparts backwards – Dream Eater is Bone Matron’s counterpart and Rainbow Goddess is Vision’s. so Maybe it was a human god/animal god pair, though all of them definitely seem to have animal imagery.

Hello Miri, thanks for your thoughtful reply!

You are right, we are seeing her vessel instead of Bone Matron herself. Though, with “getting more human” I referred for her to her new name. I find it very striking how the new names of all the four mysteries (“Rainbow Godess” “Vision” “Dream Eater” “Bone Matron”) do no longer have animal imagery. Considering this whole crisis came by a god who merged with a human, I find it interesting.
I am guessing that the original names of Rainbow Godess and Dream Eater also had animal imagery.

But it could indeed be that they are just more fluid qua shape or getting influenced by the beliefs of their followers. And it is true that the Mysteries embody very human characteristics. So maybe that is the reason.
Though, we have not yet seen, not even in Mizha’s dreams, the other three non-mysteries, and Raviki was the one who got devoured by Naza. That may be a reason for his harpy-like form. (In fact, he appeared caged in Mizha’s first dream and got devoured by her) So maybe the other non-mysteries still are more animal.

What exactly this all means, I am not yet sure, but I think it hints that the transformation of the Lightning Snake forced the other gods to change. Why exactly or how big the change was, I do not know. We will see, I guess! (Provided I am not wrong)

I am confused by your last reply. Because you got it right in the first reply. Bone Matron and the Lightning Snake were indeed opposites, and ditto for Rainbow Godess and Dream Eater

Occasionally, my brain derps. My thought process with the last is “Bone Matron and Dream Eater are the two Timu gods, and Dream Eater married (and is therefore allied with) Rainbow Goddess, and so obv. he is Bone Matron’s opposite herp dee derp”

And of course I forgot to check before I stuck my foot in my mouth and started chewing.

I adore speculation and think it is wonderful. I just won’t say too much because I don’t want to confirm or deny anything and steal away the fun of speculating. I will say that few things fill my heart with more joy than reading theories made by clever, observant people like you and Miri.

I am glad you like that! That too fills my heart

While I like to speculate, I also sometimes feel I have to be careful with my speculations. Because I too don’t want to steal the joy of rereading and discovering the hints for possible developments. Or spoil other readers with possibly correct guesses.
For example, the original names of Dream Eater and Rainbow Godess. I have, I like to think, a reasonably good guess for Rainbow Godess’ name. (Less sure about DreamEater’s)
But what if I type it out and it turns out to be correct? Would I not have spoiled it by putting the possibility in other readers’ heads?
So, with such speculations, I choose to keep it for myself, and see for myself if I am right.
Though I may be overthinking all this, but hey, that is par course for people with little chill. 🙂

Also, seeing I can apparently not comment on the Q&A page, I have a few new questions for your characters:

Koruval: What was your wedding with Naoime like?
Zhiro: Why did you want to be a servant of DreamEater?
DreamEater: I notice you are wearing white beads, while The Keepers wear black beads, and the other monks none. Is there any significance to this?

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